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Writing blog is a completely new experience for me. Previously, I read others’ blogs from the perspective of a reader and had never thought of writing a blog about my idea and opinion. Most of the social networks we contact usually are the light blogs tending to share life feelings or the interesting things, while the purpose of this blog is to make us discuss the learning. We understand our ordinary knowledge, and then share our ideas and feelings with everyone by writing blog, and this is a process of joint learning.

Writing blog can better help me rethink the class contents, refer to relevant materials according to different design concepts and understand more relevant knowledge. For each blog, I would prudently think whether the opinion is correct or not, find out the key entry point and express my ideas to the readers correctly. This requires me learn how to think, how to combine my professional knowledge theory with my ideas and find out the case to support my opinion. Only when understanding the key point really can I write a good blog, and this is a process of feedback of class knowledge, beneficial to improve my study initiative. The experience “blog” also can well record my study process and change my way of learning, because I study in another environment, the collision of different thinking modes of China and the west requires me to experience and study carefully.

All classmates express their unique opinion on design on the internet. By reading their blogs, I find that each person has different opinions and perspectives of thinking, and the classmates are from different countries and professional backgrounds, which is quite helpful to the study of urban design major, because everyone has different life backgrounds, the ways to understand the urban design are also different, and sometimes, we can discuss the urban development, culture and life in different areas in the world, and I think this is one of the most interesting experiences.

This is a platform of study and communication, a place to output and accept knowledge and opinion. By writing blogs, I can learn different opinions, find out my shortcomings, communicate with those also interested in urban design on study experience and help me understand design better. Writing blog is a very good learning method. I will write more opinions on design, improve my thinking modes and ideas, so that more people will see my opinions reflected in the blog.


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