Sharing some drawing techniques


As mentioned in my pervious blog, how to show your design and your ideas by using proper images, photos, pictures, diagrams, maps and plans is vital in Urban Design. I want to share some ideas on how to drawing illustration pictures during your project.


Firstly, the most important thing in drawing a picture is to know what do you want to show and which part of the drawing is the most important or by other words is the key in telling your story. A film is a story and an illustration drawing is also a story. It is the story about your design, about your ideas. I post three different drawings made by me as the example. As you can see the three drawings have different styles which are all showing what is going on in the street. However, it is important to choose the right one when showing different ideas in other words; each picture has its own key thing and idea. The Figure 1 is more about showing the clear relationship between roads, parking space, pavement and building blocks. There are not too much details or trees or landscapes or people on the pictures. As you can see the people is becoming the black sketch in order to meet the whole pictures’ style. As to the second one, you may find buildings, pavements and roads’ materials on it. What is more, the windows and doors and lighting on the street are also drawn together with the cars. However, the overall style for the Figure 2 is not realistically drawing one. It is more like a cartoon or comic paintings. The reason for using this style is on the one hand to show the vivid street view while on the other hand not to show too much architects’ details in the buildings. How to make sure the architect’s details is not attracting people’s eyes when watching the drawing. This is the problem which Urban Designers may be always struggling to get through when producing illustration pictures. My suggestion for that is shown on the second drawing to using the correct style. In terms of the third one, it is very close to the real world as it even shows the light in the night together with buildings’ detail.


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