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Previously, my concept to the residence design was the planning of external space of the residence area, because I learnt landscape architecture in the past, which focus on how to manage and plan the space beyond buildings, so that the external space and the building are combined into a complete community. This is the thinking of residential planning from the perspective of the thought of landscape architecture, but now I learn urban design, so I must break through the previous limited thinking frame, and think how to introduce urban planning into the planning of residential area, so as to help us get different design results.

With the development of society and economy and enriching of culture, the construction of residential area has been gradually transformed to the improving of life quality, and the demands of human beings themselves in society, culture, material and psychology have been emphasized, and the urban morphology and spatial environment must be combined in design technique, so the single landscape design is only limited to one aspect of design, while urban planning is used for the detailed planning and management of the residential area to establish a systematic residential frame.

In the design process of cohousing project, we place the residence area within the whole city for analysis and design and think of the position of the site in the urban infrastructure, so as to get the principle of community spatial layout. First, we analysis that the infrastructures, school, store and office etc. surrounding the site will have a promotion role to the community society, economy and sustainable development and make it convenient for the residences’ life. While the important facilities surrounding the community are reserved, and we reserve the original foot path to make it convenient for the residents and surrounding people to enter the cock wood freely. A mutually connected road network is provided in the community, so as to arrive at each place easily, while the community road is also connected to the original urban road system, making it convenient for the residents’ traveling. The urban infrastructures where the public transportation outside the residence area and surrounding walking can arrive also encourage people to select an environmental friendly way of traveling. The community street is controlled within an appropriate width, and trees are planted on both sides to create a good traveling environment for the pedestrians and bicycles. As the site for residents’ daily activity, leisure and communication, the community open space is distributed in the whole community, so that each resident can arrive at the public space conveniently. Each space is connected with road or landscape to form an open space network, promote the residents to participate in the outdoor activity, increase the community interaction and enrich the community life. In terms of building form, we arrange the common house of the cohousing at the main road of the entrance, to create a strong sense of space and sense of site, so that it can be seen upon entering the community and that the residents can reach it in the fastest way. The house types within the community include cohousing, social houses and private houses to meet the different demands of different population groups, while each house keeps its own private space in the front and at back, which does not only ensure the privacy of the residential, but also brings a large development space for the residents.

To apply the urban design in the residential design, it is required to establish a perfect community system from spatial pattern, traffic system, open space and building form, which can help to improve people’s living quality.


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