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The Project of Cohousing

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The cohousing project of our group is focused on senior cohousing, which is for age-peer groups over fifty or so. It is necessary to understand the concept of cohousing at first place. Cohousing is a form of group living which clusters individual homes around a ‘common house’ – or shared space and amenities. They may share common places such as community garden, kitchen, guest room together, but live separately. Older people can communicate with each other quite often in the cohousing experience, which could enrich their life and make them feel less lonely.

In our investigation, we find that Hexham is a typical elder living town. Young people mostly go to work in Newcastle at daytime, leaving the old and kids at Hexham. Our vision is to build a harmonious community that practicing the most of senior cohousing theory to help the old live a happy and enriched later life. The plan is mainly focused on the design of common house, which is shared by all the people in the community. Various of courses can be offered in the workshop, such as painting, dancing, musical instruments playing. Considering there are also a number of kids at Hexham at daytime, the courses can do benefits to the education of the kids. Also sports courts are necessary for the community. Providing activities that the old and kids can participate together is important.

However, cohousing may also bring in some concerns. Will some old people find disturbing? Or some people feel their privacies are invaded? Indeed, some people who love to live on their own pace do not like live in the cohousing communities. Therefore, in the design of cohousing community, we have to take special attention to the protection of people’s privacy.
In this course, I have learnt some fresh ideas and inspirations for the design in the future.

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One thought on “The Project of Cohousing

  1. Hi Chloe, I like the way you explain your projet in Hexham and what you have found in that space. Besides, I agree the point of common house in cohousing neighborhood will enhance senior people’s happiness. I think one of the most imoportant purpose of cohousing is to make more social ineraction among residents. I also agree your common house facility that contains different facilities and functions for people to use.
    However, based on your writing, I think your group will focusing more on senior group people? So do you have some guidance or convenient facilies that for elder people to use more easily? The functions of common house will be used completely or not? Does the social interaction among those senior people will be enough?

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