The development of Senior Co-Housing

With the development of the city, how to creating the suited space for senior has become the hot point in the social public. Because of the work and living pressure, the people who living in the city always have not enough time to accompany with their parents. Therefore, senior Co-housing has become one of approach to improve the quality of senior’s living.

Through living with the peers, the old person can talk with others rather than stay home alone. As for the government, the senior Co-Housing will enhance the ability of senior people to live independent instead of depend on the social service and healthcare. It is not difficult to find that the senior Co-Housing has been successful built in some countries such as Denmark, Germany and Netherlands.

In some successful case study around the world, the senior Co-Housing is not just used by old person, any other age groups person can also settle in it, which is a perfect way to provide more opportunity for old person to communicate with the younger person because of the mixed age group. By the way, because of the younger need to work in the daytime, the senior person can shoulder the responsibility to taking care of the child of their neighborhoods.

In the nowadays of world, senior Co-Housing have not been accepted by the individuals. There are also have some obstacles exist about building the senior Co-Housing, including the cost of the land, supporting infrastructures, government policy and traditional culture. However, with the times goes by, more and more facilitator will promote the senior Co-Housing’ development, just like some successful case studies have built in somewhere. As a result, although the senior Co-Housing which it is not well known by the social public, the advantages of itself will ensure a bright development prospect in the future.


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