The benefit of writing blog for this year


Web log abbreviation is WEBLOG, meaning in Chinese is “Web log”, later abbreviated to blog, and blogger (blog) is to write blog. Specifically, the blog (blogger) the concept explanation for the use of specific software and published on the web, published and personal articles were posted.


A blog is a web page, it is usually by a brief and frequently updated post posed; these posts are in accordance with the arrangement of the date and year. Blog content and purpose are very different, from the hyperlinks to other web sites and comments and related companies, individuals, the idea of news to diaries, photos, poetry, prose, and even science fiction published or posted there. Many blogs are the individual mind what was published, other blogs is a group of people based on a particular topic or common interests in the area of collective creation. Blog seems to convey real-time information on network. Write these Weblog or Blog are called Blogger or Blog writer.


Blog published in the concept of the network. On 1998, but in 2000 really became popular. At first, bloggers will visit every day the site experience and views on record, and shall be disclosed to the public, to other people to see and follow.


But with the rapid expansion of Blogging, it has been far from the original purpose. At present, the network of thousands of Bloggers Blog published and posted there is a lot of difference. However, due to communication than e-mail, discussion group is more simple and easy, blog has become a family, company, department and team communication tool between the more and more popular, as it has gradually been applied to the internal network (intranet).


Further study

Write blog can promote learning, to write articles, naturally can not is broadly understood and to understand in order to write out. This will promote continuous learning and thinking in some areas.

Blog is often recorded is the moment of inspiration, the perception of things, after several days of reflection and practice results, solution to a problem, etc., these are wealth. Will go on record.


Reflects growth

Write blog, can reflect the thinking process, rather than just thinking about the results. On an issue or area, never learned to understand, from the learned to familiar, from the familiar to the master. This record a person thinking and problem solving process. After a long time, to see their previous articles, you feel progress?

Making friends

Write the blog, naturally there will be many like-minded friends to read, it can make many friends. We have a common interest, natural to talk to.

Shared knowledge

Blog for everyone to see, our blog is meant for you. This problem I solved the problem, he solved. We establish a mutual exchange of needed products, community, better than behind closed doors.

Exchange of views

Reply of the blog views or endorse or oppose, everyone together to discuss, to listen to other people’s ideas can promote mutual progress.



When looking for work or job, attach a blog address, the recruitment of the company, can know that the basic level. See an intention to write the article, nature is the best publicity for their own knowledge and skills.


Practice writing

Writing a blog about this article is presentable, all statements impassability! How dare to see, this is the Chinese exercise. Of course, if English writing language is also good.


Exercise the will

Write to blog, it can exercise perseverance unremittingly. At least once a week to update a few times. Take 20 minutes to write a composition of blog can not hold on, what things can persist? You really can’t squeeze 20 minutes to write blog?

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