I have experienced a rather busy and fulfilling semester in the past few months. Two projects and a literature review have pushed me into a cycle of reading, drawing and designing all day. Modifications of the design and scheme seem never to stop. Every course has its meaning, every course has something valuable to get. I have learnt a lot this semester.
In the course of City and Culture, we went to experience the local culture and the beauty of the city Nantes in France. Our main task is to redesign an abandoned site near the river, using the landscape urbanism principal we have learnt. It was a wasted place with abandoned railways staggered and few people tread. Our main starting point is to make this place attractive to tourists by conducting a whole new landscape design. We have changed our design for several times, under the instruction of our tutor. The advices he gave are always affordable, inspiring us to make our plan better and practical. In the course we learn how to integrate landscape design into the whole city; we learn how to connect the architectural landscape and road landscape better together. Always considering the feelings of people in the city, try to achieve better accessibility of the city is a clear venation for landscape design.

The other class is cohousing. This course cares more about the details. City design should not only consider the strategy, but also to consider every detail to do design code. I am quite confused about design code at the beginning and don’t know where to start. Through communicating with their classmates and teachers, I started to make it clear. It is about designing every detail, understanding every size of the scheme. Since cohousing itself for me is already a strange concept, this course is the big challenge for me. In the process from being totally strange to gradually clear on what to do, I learned a lot. I learned how to properly put the house, how to design a community, how to integrate the resources into the design to create a comfortable, harmonious, quiet environment for people to live in. I do not have much understanding about the details of architecture. My sense of scale is not very well. After this course, I got a better understanding of architecture.
Literature review is actually a foreshadowing to thesis design. The course let me choose a topic am interested in and then began to investigate it through by studying a lot articles. In the process of literature review, I have gathered lot raw materials for the final thesis design. By reading these articles and documents, I also start to understand more designing principles.

I have to say, this is a truly very tired semester. I spent almost every day drawing, reading, writing, and sometimes even barely have time to sleep. However, I believe it would be a precious memory in the end. The hard working time enriches my school life in the UK, and surely would help me to get a more valuable Master’s Degree.

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Hi, everyone, My name is Meng Xu. I come from Northeast of China and a beautiful city Harbin . I graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Art and get the urban planning and design bachelor degree.I am a enthusiastic and heart-warm girl.

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