Pocket Neighborhoods

Through the learning of the concept of the Co-Housing and community neighborhoods, we knew some relative concept to promote the public space including the concept of Pocket Neighborhoods.

Being similar with the Co-Housing, the Pocket Neighborhoods encourage individuals to share the space with neighborhoods. Creating the common space is an essential approach to shorten the distance between the residents. What the most attract me is that the Pocket Neighborhoods promote the central common space in the middle of the residential area besides the common house in the Co-Housing. The designer think that the individuals need more open space to share the public activity with others. In addition, the pedestrian should be fostered as the main traffic mode in the Pocket Neighborhoods.

Besides sharing the outdoor activities, creating the central common space will encourage people to beautify their living environment by themselves. In some case study, the central common spaces are built by the sunny garden to cultivate some green plants. Planting and doing activity together will beneficial to build the healthy relationship in the social community. At the same time, building central common space will train the collective spirit in the neighborhoods.

As the mentioned above, we can easily summarize some advantages about the Pocket Neighborhoods:

  1. Sharing the common space
  2. Planting the community garden
  3. Active commons
  4. Connection and contribution each others
  5. Creating the rooms of public space
  6. Eyes on the common

Unfortunately, most of residential area have not enough space to develop the central common space. In order to solve this problem, some residential area can encourage residents to open the private garden in front of the house, which can be seem as public open space in the community.

Pocket Neighborhoods is a favorable attempt to develop the Co-Housing. I hope that it can be accepted by the individuals in the future.

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