Mobile Garden in term of Urban Agriculture


Urban Agriculture is becoming a sustainable and effective development trend, especially in urban regeneration, building green infrastructure, preventing climate change and food supply. However, it is not easy to start growing a Urban Agriculture system, particularly in high density city where there are a lot of limitation in land resource as well as investment sources. Mobile garden emerges as a feasible solution, which has the ability to meet strict requirements


Some creative design of mobile garden by recycling old stuffs.

A strong characteristics of mobile garden is flexibility, moving versatility instead of permanent plant into the ground. It may save land while it is easy to arrange and to change based on the typical circumstances. Additionally, it is also used as a decoration that improve the lively, air quality and landscape. Mobile garden can reduce a lot ofbudget for the user.

They can start their mobile garden with a shopping cart, a bag, a crate, a mini fridge, retrofitted into a planting and transform into mobile edible garden. It brings many positive benefits in different aspects such as environment, waste treatment and recycling, boosting the creative and growing. For instance,  there are many projects which were conducted by Wayward Plants Company, they invite local community come to work and design the garden with their staff and volunteers. People are free to create some mobile planting as well as the rest of garden with recycle material.


Mobile garden event in Berlin

Mobile garden is the first step to involve resident with Urban Agriculture projects. Because of flexible characteristic, it can be moved around city and presenting on street to promote its benefit with public. People who are not familiar with Urban Agriculture, they will have more opportunities to approach and study about it. That encourage more people interest with urban agriculture and start growing something in their house. For example, in Odd Places, New York, Art Festival which was organized by university students, drew the participation of many people as well as artists. Another distinctive event is there are around 40 planting-shopping carts move on the streets of Berlin for the winter that attract a lot of attention from residents.

In conclusion, mobile garden is a suitable option for people who don’t have enough space but want to have a green space connecting them with nature. In broader scale, mobile garden contributes to the development of urban agriculture as well as green infrastructure of cities.

3 thoughts on “Mobile Garden in term of Urban Agriculture

  1. Hey,Tony. I have to say this idea is brilliant,even I feel a little bit insane actually.But the idea of urban agriculture is not only for those big basis,but also for those places, where are quite easy for people to create and invent some new ideas.Maybe this mobile graden idea is a sight, which will only maintain for a short period,but also can be the leader of a trend, which can make the urban agriculture in everywhere.

    But I just wonder, if this activity has a really reasonable purpose? Because I think the functions of trolley and agriculture have some serious conflicts. For example, if you put the plants inside small box or bottle, which have a widely usages. But if you just grow them in those things, which have specific functions, that will make the idea and phenomenons more complicated, what do you think?

  2. Hi, Tony, I think it’s a funny idea and I am the first time to listen. I am interested in this idea. Mobile garden is convenient, flexibility and beautiful. However, I don’t know how to make use of it. When people go outside bring some agriculture into them bag, suitcase? I do not know how to integrate mobile garden into our life. You also give us some examples for this idea but I am not sure what the meaning of this activity, just for attracting a lot of people attention from residents? I have another similar idea with you. I can design some removable urban agriculture units on the street that can attract people appreciating and also can increase funny. Some children can push the units playing. I think it is also a better way for it. That also can be called the mobile garden. What do you think this idea?

  3. This post put forward a new idea of urban agriculture: mobile garden, which is a revolutionary developing form about how to beautify the urban environment. With the improvement of living quality of citizen, individuals gradually recognize the important of the urban environment. As a result, the concept of urban agriculture is becoming an effective approach which is widely accepted by general public to solve this problem. However, limited urban space has became the mainly obstruction to develop the urban agriculture. The advantage of the mobile garden work out this problem in a ideal way. At the same time, the feature of easy to combining and caring will make it more easily accepted by the citizen.
    However, there are two sides to everything just like a coin. The shortcomings of the mobile garden are also obvious. Firstly, it can not provide the communication space for the individuals. Because of urban agriculture is also a public space in the city, creating the space of communicating and rest is essential function of urban agriculture. Secondly, the plants and agriculture need to the certain condition to grow. The lifespan of mobile plants is another serious problem.

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