Growing Urban Space-a Neighbourhood in a Mountain City




Chongqing, an amazing and famous mountain city, which is located in the southwest of China. You can’t really see any bicycles here, but instead of that are numerous motorcycles, which spread all over the city areas, and run like the wind. So, the local people call them ‘Feidi’, which means ‘flying motorbike’. Sometimes, when I was walking in the city, there are thousands of buildings, which stand in absolutely steep slopes, and most of them have entrances in the middle part of the building, people, who are living in this city, seemingly like to climb up or down every day. So, I have to say I cannot really help myself to wonder at this miracle city.



I had a project before as my graduated design at the fifth year of my undergraduate course. My site place is in Chongqing, which called ‘Shibati District’. It’s a quite big area, which connects the riverside part at the lowest level and the commercial district at the highest level. I felt really shocked of this part of city. I read something call ‘Gated Community’ before, and recently, I read another article about this as well. ‘Gated community’ is not only for those formal neighbourhood, but it also can represent some area, which is in a special location. But I would not like to talk about something academically, what I really prepared to do is introducing this vivid and lovely place for the readers.

6After you step into this neighbourhood, the first thing, which you will definitely noticed, is the way you are going to follow. You have to choice climb up or climb down. Following the slab stone steps, you will see several tiny squares beside the route. People sit right there around a table, they may paly majiang together, or chat with each other and drink some tea in the meantime. Even those buildings, which are houses, are used as shops, restaurants and teahouses. Because of the lack of land, people tried their best to use every single space to community with people, and earn money for living. With less than ten minutes walking on steps, then a slope, which covered by the same slab stones, become to the main route. It’s not quite steep, so in the each side of the road, there are several stalls selling different kinds of goods right there. So, I feel the social activity will continue.People, who know each other, and make this place lively.


Then, when I was moving forward, I can see a market in front of me. And this part is the only area, which established on a flat land. So, I started looking around and turned around to see the way I stepped in. Then I felt surprised and shocked again. Because even I knew this area is a slum, but I cannot image before that those old housing buildings are being protected quite nice, and we I saw those steps I walked, I still felt I just jumped into some underworld, which I don’t know. Just like the tree we climbed when we were children, I would like to describe this neighbourhood as a growing space, which are full of energy and extremely warm and vivid.


Then, I spent two days on this place and some other places around here. I took some pictures ,let them tell the story to you then.

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