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It is a whole new experience to write my own blog about my major on the website. By maintaining a blog, we mean to display our works, to express our opinions and to reply the commentaries regularly on a website. That is exactly what I have to do on my urban design blog. Moreover, as a specific blog, I need to make it all about urban design: a particular project, a review on a specific topic, some insights about urban design, and so on.

Maintaining a blog is a patient taking job, I need to post regularly, to find inspirations, to collect resources and get the work done. However, the process is also beneficial, I can get access to new knowledge and come up with new ideas, which is very helpful for future study. Every piece of a blog is a little step to improve myself. In order to exhibit a well-organized blog, I have to firstly find an interesting topic; it should better be the new point of interests in urban design or specifically reveals the features of my hometown. After choosing a good topic, here comes the resource collecting work, which is in my opinion the most important and interesting part in the process of achieving a good blog. By collecting the information about the topic, I got a better understanding of it, figuring out more details I omit of not fully get aware of before. Moreover, the process of extracting the essential points from the pile of raw materials also leads me to be critical thinking. What really matters in this project, what influence it has on the surrounding environment, what benefits it could brings to the community and a lot things like these. As is known to all, critical thinking is an essential ability for a student to get succeed in school. In order to get a good blog done, communication and discussion with others is also important. By exchanging thoughts and ideas with others, I could realize some shortcomings of my work; get aware of other possible solutions, which is very helpful for my personal improvement.

Another advantage of writing urban design blog is that I can communicate with the visitors who are interested in my writing. The blog is my showcase for understanding of urban design, and is open to discussion. If I organized my blog very well, the visitors would also benefit and learn something.
The last merit of writing blog maybe that it records my progress when studying in Newcastle. It reminds me of the good memories for every advance I made here when looking my blog becoming better and more mature.

I will write more blog in next semester and writing blog become my habits. I will write more my thoughts and idea for urban design, encourage myself. I hope my blog is benefit for some readers. I will write more case studying about the urban design, architecture, and landscape. I hope my blog can attract more people to read. I will make my blog more better.

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Hi, everyone, My name is Meng Xu. I come from Northeast of China and a beautiful city Harbin . I graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Art and get the urban planning and design bachelor degree.I am a enthusiastic and heart-warm girl.

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