The experience and conclusion in writing blog


Blog is a quite necessary method to share your idea with each other, but nowadays, people so rely on social network, and try their best to community with people as quick and short as possible. But sometimes, if people are going to write or share something in which are more complicated, then they will need to use a blog, which is more suitable for writing longer article.


When I start to use this blog, I have to say, this kind of way to do the reflective writing is a totally a fresh experience for me. When I am doing the lecture, I need to do the blogs at the same time. Sometimes, it is quite difficult for me to get used of this, and can’t treat it as a formal way to reflect the things I learned from the class. But after I read some blogs, which were uploaded by my classmates, I released blog is not only a way to write things, but also a place for you to calm and deliberate the things you have done before. This is a quite amazing way to clear my mind up.


So, I felt quite excited on writing the blog then. Every time when I were reading somebody’s blogs or writing my own one, I was really jumping into the blog and enjoying the happiness right away. Then, we were beginning to have some self-direct meetings. We discussed things on those meetings, which were quite relax time for me. I remember there were two meetings, one was used to discuss the design of the website. We were trying to choose some styles, which were quite similar between each other, but we still cannot to select one of them, I think we just tried to do it almost perfect. And another is a meeting, which we had several short urban design movies at first.

And then we were talking about the advantages and disadvantages about those movies, and also helping each other to understand those movies. So, I must say this kind of meeting give us a lot of opportunities to know each other and help each other.


About the gains I had after I finished this programme, I think it is quite hard for me to treat those things as gains. So, I want to call them “experience”. I really love to write things here. From the very beginning, I wouldn’t like to spend a lot of time on it, I just wanted to do my design project. But now, after I rethink all those things I came through, I found that I cannot understand those lectures quite clear if I didn’t do those blog writing. Because I think, if I do not need to write those blogs, I wouldn’t to review the contents from those lectures. And also the blog system give us a huge place to post anything about urban design, so as for me, I will enlarge the quantity of reading, and know more things I didn’t know before. Even I only wrote five blogs, but in fact, I got a lot of gains than I expect. So, I have to say, the experience of participating in the blog is an unexpected harvest I can have at the end, I will also keep doing this in the future.

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