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In this term, we still adhere to writing blog, I have completely adapted to this process, and writing blog has become part of my learning, and another way for me to extend the design thought. I begin to write my understanding and ideas in the process of design into my blog, not only the understanding to the lecture, but my inspiration to the current design. In the process of writing blog, I record the deign process, and this is also a process of thinking and studying design repeatedly. Blog has become a very good work note, which records my understanding to design. It is the result of many days’ thought and practice, and also a solution to some problem in design. At the same time, blog can reflect the thinking process of people, not only the result of thinking. For a problem or field, from not understanding to familiarity and mastering, blog records the process of my thinking and solving of problems. When seeing my blogs later, I will find my problems and ideas in each stage.

The urban design blog is also a place for everyone to exchange design thoughts, classmates can discuss with each other and see others’ different ideas. Let other people understand my own thoughts through blog, mutually exchange different ideas by comments, so that to promote mutual progress. Writing my own ideas into blog is also a process of sorting my own design thought, and in the process of writing blog, the problems also become clear. It continuously promotes me to discover and explore problems and convert my own ideas into problems and graphs which also exercises my expression ability.

Although I already written blog for one semester, problems are still existing. First, blog is help me records my opinions and reflections during the study process, which require me to update the blog during study or design process. So a good time management is required. It’s not only for writing blogs, but also can improve other study work. Second, I think in future blogging experience, I need to add more idea about my own understanding, and read more relevant articles to enrich the contents of my blogs. Also, communicate with other people thorough blog comment is necessary, it require me to read other’s paper and also be motivated to discussed with each other about the different design ideas.

Writing blog is a very relax way to record my own ideas, and it also encourages me to think, which is of great help to my design process, and it makes me have a sense of achievement to present my own ideas to others. Writing a blog is a very good process of learning, and I will continue to attempt to present more ideas of my own.

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