Chang Liu’ s Summary of the Semester Two

In this semester, I learned so much from our project and lessons in Hexham and Nante. At first, after the study of semester one, I gradually adapt to the different style of study and living in UK. With the improvement of the ability of language, I can communicate with my tutors and classmates by more efficient approach. I can put more focus on my study work through reducing the language interference, at the same time, improving my ability of design through contacting the new project concept in my lessons. All in all, although I spent some time to learn how to quickly adapt the completely new environment to study and living, I have the confidence to do more better in my next project now.

Secondly, with the help of project lessons in semester two, we have much opportunities to get a survey, visit and presentation in the outside of the university. So we were given so much times to do something with a group, which is an outstanding way to improve my ability of how to work in a group, at the same time, training the awareness of cooperation and sharing with others. It can not be ignored that the awareness of the cooperation is very essential for my future study and career, which will promote me to efficiently improve the skill of urban design.

Comparing the group working lessens, the lesson of independent research is a good way to show our ability of learning independent. In order to obtain a satisfactory start of our graduation design, we have to look up different kinds of books without anyone’s help. Because of the study type of this lesson, my width knowledge of the urban design has been expanded in this semester.

In addition, just as the mentioned in the past blogs, with getting the deeper understanding and learning about the concept of Co-Housing. I was given an rare opportunity to contact the different culture and design ideas of how to design the residential area. Before starting the project of semester two, I got the huge knowledge shortage about the concept of Co-Housing and relative concepts. In my past view, how to design a residential area has become a fixed pattern. Therefore, I got a mistake understanding about the Co-Housing, which is wrong seem as a nursery home design in my original view. With the help from the tutors, design lessons and opportunities of base site research, I attracted deeply by the character and advantages of the Co-Housing, I am glad to learn more advance concept of residential design and broaden the horizon at the same time.

With the end of the semester two, we will start to prepare the graduation design, which is the last semester of our postgraduate study time. Through study of the past two semester, I am ready to start my graduation design to show my improvement in past study time. I firmly believe that the experience of the past semester will be helpful for my future career.


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