Reflection of The Blog



I have to say, the blog is a totally new experience for me. I haven’t had a chance to express my ideas about what I have learnt, or what I have seen. It is so interesting for me to make my own choice of which topic or theme that I would like to share with my colleague or people who have the same interests. I really want to that school give us the chance of it.
About the process of me posting, I would like to describe it as a tired but with so much fun work, cause the time and power you spend on is not less than our project in this semester. It is not just a recall process on the lecture before, but also a chance to enlarge our field of professional knowledge, and a precious chance to discuss with people from different background. When I searching the useful information on the website, I can learn so much things from the definition to other branches that related to the theme.
We come from so different backgrounds and experience which make us use different ways of thinking, even for the same topic, the comments that they gave me are the precious for me to absorb.
The difficulties that many people afraid of to become a blogger are not so hard as you think, and they can be conquered by your rich knowledge and unique experience that nobody can copy from. I can feel I am stronger through posting my articles, and I really like my posts are well-discussed. If they are not agree my idea, that is totally fine and I happy to discuss and learn more things from others as well. I can feel I am more confidents when I started writing this blog.
Giving other people’s comments are also very interesting. You can be critic about other people’s post, and give them your idea and opinion through the evidence that you have found. That may become a longer conversation, but everyone seems so happy about each other.
In next semester, I would like to say I will continue doing my work, and make it better. Theory is also an inevitable aspects when we are studying design. My blog post will add something unique,
such as personal experience, the photo took by myself, and I will try hard to broaden my
sight to touch and feel different urban patterns. It is a great way to practice how to express myself to others correctly, and of course a good way to learn English. I hope that I could free more freedom when I post in next semester.
I am appreciate this blog, and it is going to be another way to introduce myself on my studying time. I will try my best to write more blogs next time.22-37-19-76-1