Some Experience of The Blog Writting


In this semester, I had a great experience by making process in cohousing and landscape urbanism programs, and also by witting this blog about the thoughts and experience of urban design.
Actually I began writting a blog since last semester, and especially for the theme of my subject. In the progress of cohousing and landcape urbanism design making, we read a lot of books, articles, and of course case studies. And I used those experience and knowledge on the posts, to enhance my design thesis and experiences, which I found it is so useful.
In addition, I read all the blogs from my classmates, and their posts are amazingly various range from drawing to experiences, and from those case studies I can certainly get a lot of things that maybe I haven’t thought about and looked about. Also, we left our comments on each other’s posts, and anyone who saw that can build up a conversation easily by lefting comments, which may become a debate or discuss, and this form of interaction is one of what the blog meaning to us.
About the images and diagrams that I used in posts and what in my peers’ blogs, I found they are extremely useful to understanding the theme and points of posts, and a easy way to explain how this article going to tell a story. The diagrams especially, cleared and simplified the tough thesis, and those diagrams are the model of our study.
For those references, I need to say that is a very brilliant way to keep the Harvard system, and this not only can make our posts professional, but also a way of respect authors of our references, as well as for those sources of images. I think we should keep this habit for further writing.
To sum up, this blog writing means a lot to me. The theses, diagrams, images, as well as references, are very useful for my present and future, and it is a better way of keeping it for a long time.

Participation in the Blog (Semester 2)


Figure 1

Why should you Blog?

(Susan Geunelius, 2015)

Time flies fast and not all the memories stay in our heads. The university time is approaching to it’s end. This blog was a sort of a diary, a notebook. One day I will return to it again. I will definitely come back here to refresh my university memories and look at a work we have done during urban design master degree. New students will come next year. They will take our places. They will write about their student life, tasks and projects. It will be very interesting to look at the portraits and their short biography. I will be able to learn about the differences between their courses and mine. After frequent blogging experience I feel like I became a better thinker and a better writer. I have been always enjoying  the process of blogging! Each time I took pictures either myself or I created them in Photoshop. I always thought about the ways which would help me to catch attention of my audience. All the posts on this website will definitely help urban designer students from other universities and future students.


Figure 2 

Student Life

(Alina Pavlova, 2015)

There is no doubt that I faced several issues during my posting. I have been waiting for comments on my blog posts from the outside university audience, but only some of my classmates put comments on it. As a matter of fact, it is a big pleasure to read others posts but at the same time it is a big challenge to leave a comment on someones blog post. I always respect other people’s work and I feel that they spend lots of time to writing it before posting. One of enjoyable parts of the process of writing blog is making pictures.. Wherever I went, I tried to take a camera with me because I knew that it might be necessary for my blog. It is a nice process of preparation and editing of pictures before posting. I would like to use the knowledge which I obtained from Urban Design MA Blog posts in order to create my own page where I can describe my current part-time urban design internship with Sunderland City Council. This job is my first job. The first experience is always very valuable and I would like to share my own feelings with other students. I would like to reduce their fear and lack of confidence, which is usually present before the beginning of a new job through the stories about my working days.


My experience of blogging

3D rendering of a forming puzzle with the word Blog

Although blogging is quite popular at the time the information technology development, however, blogging is a totally new thing that I have never done before. Furthermore, the article on my blog must demonstrate critical thinking about issues surrounding urban design.  Therefore, this time is a new challenge I have to face.

The first thing that surprised me is that we have to manually design everything with the blog site, from choosing the background, font type and font size to the categories. Because this blog is the result of a group, we have to participate that lead to many meetings were held to ensure the quality and attractiveness of the blog. We are the designers, manager, maintainer at a same time.

The article is always a difficult contest but bring huge benefits for me. Firstly, I achieved through blogging is confidence in sharing the knowledge what I have. I always expect my posts will be achieved the perfect quality to get the initial impression with the reader. Selection of topics to write, writing style, looking for the source documentation, layouts posts always make me think brainer. Looking at the post from my classmates, their works are extremely simple but it is still extremely useful in transferring the information, I understand that the post do not need to fulfill in order to say what I think.

In the process of searching documents and topics, as well as sharing the data with classmate and joining the class to build the posts for the blog, I gained numerous valuable materials to help me understand more about urban design, as well as related subjects. Through blog, I know more a lot of term such as the concept of urban agriculture as mobile or garden. It likes opening the door to the knowledge treasure of mankind. Moreover, these knowledge are absolutely useful to develop my project and make it more reasonable and justifiable. That develops and strengthen important skills such as critical thinking and critical observing. I hope in the future, I can get more knowledge that can be applied more in practice, to change the urban areas in my country, Viet Nam. But what I learned is not only the knowledge of urban design, through the posts of my classmate, I can understand a part of their culture, style and mindset. That can improve our relationship, to understand each other and feel more friendly when everybody feel free to present themselves.

However, there are still a few things what I  have not done. When I look back at the process  of design project, I realized that I could use the blog as a tool to share the questions, problems and issues appear in the design that I can not solve. If I did it, I will have a chance to get the answer from my classmate or exploiting all aspects of such projects and find faster ways.

I will continue with blog in next semester and further, i hope i can contribute more useful post to make our blog become more interesting and attractive. I also expect more people will know about our blog and start interacting and sharing their knowledge with us.

Experience in the blog

use blogs

I am so glad that I have an opportunity to direct and write my own blog which about my major on the website. In my opinion, firstly, writing blog is an important part of who I am as an expert in my field. I can use this space to share resources with many people who are interested in my area, reflect on my own practice and try to figure out how to be a better planner. Secondly, it is my public reflection on experience including what I study in Newcastle University, life in UK and my thoughts.

Thinking about when you were in school. You write an essay. Who read it? Most likely the tutor and that is where it ended. You pour hours and hours into reflections on Urban Agriculture in UK, the economic and political effects on society or some issues about urban regeneration have evolved over time, yet the only person who read your thoughts are the tutors. Maybe you shared with a close friend or even the class. But generally the world was unaware of your thoughts and feelings.

Nevertheless, by writing blogs, I can get immediate feedback on an idea that I want to develop further. Having an outside perspective and a little bit of constructive criticism is invaluable. When I write more posts and share more of my experiences, somebody will visit my site and sees the insights I have shared on a subject, also it will be clear that I am an expert in the field. It is a way that leads me to search for new information and share it with my readers. In addition, a blog is an expressive medium that can contain words, images, and videos. I can use my blogs to express myself.

Many people think the hardest part of becoming a blogger is getting started, but that part is easy. However, the hard part I think is setting up your blog in such a way that you can keep it updated regularly. Like practically everything else on the web, blogs are easy to start and hard to maintain. Writing coherently is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks for me to undertake. Therefore, far from blogs being a cheap strategy, they are a very expensive one, in that they eat up time. As a result, many blogs are not updated, thus damaging rather than enhancing the reputation of the organization.

In the second semester, I am going to explore how I can become an active blogger by exploring ways to keep my blog constantly active. In other words how to be creative and inspired on a reliable enough basis to be able to maintain an active blog. I want to become a better writer. ‘The more you blog, the more you write – and the better writer you become’. Of course, that’s exactly what an active blogger spends time on doing. Moreover, I will try to use some interesting headlines instead of boring states. I think a good headline will attract more readers at first. And I will try my best to post some photos that taken by myself.

This is end of my first semester in MA Urban Design, I hope that all the readers will enjoy my posts and I will do my best to write some more blogs in next semester.