‘Qianhai Water City’— Functional Landscape Urbanism  



The site, which has been planned as a new urban area, has an unanticipated prospect. This city district has 3 underground lines, 2 tube lines and several expressways inside there, which help this urban area to connect with those highly developed cities or districts around it. So, obviously, the plan for this area is not only about the changes between ports and cities, but also about the remainder spaces for those expressway network and a functional landscape for the urban area in the future.



Figure 1: Strategy Map for Qianhai Water City

Source: http://www.world-architects.com/architecture-news/insight/Studio_Visit_James_Corner_Field_Operations_2292

So, for achieving a higher standard central urban area, the government launched the international consulting activities for Qinghai City planning. Eventually, the No.7 planning called ‘Qianhai Water City’, which was made by a American company—‘James Corner Field Operations’, wins the match.

The designer leaded the water into the city area, then by broadening the existing flowing rivers and drains, and designing five waterfront corridors, the 18 km2 large area is divided into five functional areas of moderate scale. Each zone has a different structural nneighborhoods different textures, and different personalities, mixed commercial and industrial capabilities. Neighborhoods also showed different levels, isolating the ground and the underground transportation meanwhile, public transportation are trying to connect the Shenzhen and Hong Kong.


Figure 2: Physical Model for Qianhai Water City

Source: http://www.world-architects.com/architecture-news/insight/Studio_Visit_James_Corner_Field_Operations_2292

The project also brought a high-density urban environment while focusing on ecological environment. Around the iconic coastline, there are a variety of architectural forms and cultural entertainment, and has easily accessibility. It is conceivable that in the future, the Qinhai Water City is not only a new waterfront Park and public space,or a pedestrian street and a garden, there will be innovative water infrastructure. This area will be a low-power, low-pollution energy saving demonstration area, and it will also be a vibrant, international city.


Figure 3: Project Detail-1

Source: http://www.fieldoperations.net/project-details/project/qianhai-water-city.html

According to the plan, the future of the Qianhai City will form the basis of modern service industry, and actively play the advantages of the Qianhai port, which connect Shenzhen and Hong Kong, then, Qianhai district will be formed a distinctive pattern: Business Centre Area, Bonded and CDA and coastal recreation zone.

“Qianhai Water City” program designer, American design firm FO Chief Architect James. Kuna said that the program devised a new waterfront city, a city, which focus on water and ecology, at the same time, improving water and air through the creation of the landscape quality, and reducing the carbon emissions, then bringing the natural things into the city.

Kuna introduced the project has three main elements: the first is to bring water back to city, the filter the water and improve water quality. Meanwhile, a very important public landscape can also improve the space here. Secondly, the program proposes five development zones, and each zone has a different neighborhood structures different textures, and different personalities. These neighborhoods can be gradually phased construction.



Figure 4: Project Detail-2

Source: http://www.fieldoperations.net/project-details/project/qianhai-water-city.html


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