Environment Sensitivity and Sustainability-West Seoul Lake Park



This project establishes a park on a waste factory that integrates into many elements of the fragment of industry. It is evident that people ought to use some old facility and abandoned industry though it cannot play the main role, it do not represent meaningless. This project is located in the boundary between the Seoul and Tomikawa. This area has the worst living conditions and dead soil in the city in the past, however it become a friendly park and the theme of ecology, culture and communication called “rebirth” nowadays.

Design concept

The core concept of this project is regeneration, ecology and communication. Designers plan to design the boundary of the park and community and connecting each other. It provides people an easier access to the park and our intervention would promote its connectivity to local residents.
Firstly, designers design the park as an “open cultural art space” embodying the diversity identities of this area and the culture of the city, using the local environment to create a “self-organizing culture” region for every people. Secondly, the park reserves the nature scenery and the nature topography, which integrates culture, nature and urbanity creating “urban ecology” space. We make use of the environment elements of the site to make a culture space for events with a home-grown culture scene open to all. It has also been created as a open park that enough indoor activities and special program to unite people traveling to this place. This park is the park of citizen, citizen-generated by participation and communication. Thirdly, it is beneficial for the ecology education of the school, such as the forest of the natural environment, value of water, scenery conservation, and nature study. Using this program encourages all classes to communicate with one another. Fourthly, as a site for urban culture reborn from a former water treatment plant, raw nature materials from the old plant were integrated into a new eco-functional space, in a surprising, inventive ways.

Design program

Entering the park, a large scale of brown object struck people’s eyes as they take in the entryway, colonnade and welcome sign bearing the words ”West Seoul Lake Park” as well as the benches and bicycle racks. This structure of the facility is reformed from horizontal and vertical arrangement of old water pipes spanning 1m in diameter, expressing the theme of rebirth, environment friendly and around water. The concept of the park lays an 18,000m artificial lake that is rare scenery in the town center of Seoul. Between the lake and old factory build observation decks for convenient lake viewing. Another special featured space is Mondrian Plaza. The designers’ adding of horizontal and vertical lines into the square of garden is producing a beautiful and harmonious effect. The star attraction of the Mondrian plaza is the “Media Art Fountain”, spanning 3m in height and 40m in width.

Through this project we should pay attention to some situations that old objectives could be redesigned into something new. Due to the less space and earth, places for huge scale designs are rare. Designer can make use of some old factories or the wasted earth to build theme park providing leisure space and amazing scenery. It is also in accordance to the trend of environment design – sustainability.

Reference: Project Title: West Seoul Lake Park
Project Location: Seoul Metropolitan City
Project Type: Park
Winning Awards : Honor Award in the general Design Category The American Society
of Landscape Architects (ASLA) 2011 Professional Awards
Design Period: October.2007 ~ January.2008
Construction Period: March.2008 ~ October.2009

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