Hexham : The Sun Light Analysis


Hexham is a market town located in the south of Tyne River. Here is the location of the site which will we be designed for co-housing project in this second semester. When I visited there, I was amazed with the view in the north of this site. That view is so beautiful. Site is a hill so from the main road towards the forest in the south will be uphill. Site also directly adjacent to the residential areas in the west and south forests.

To design a residential area, we have to think about the factors required by the area. The sun is an important factor that must be considered in the design process. Initially, I had the assumption that the forests in south of this site can be a barrier of the sunlight to get into the site. Therefore, I do simple research on the position of the sun. In doing this simple study, I was assisted by two websites that can identify the position and altitude of the sun. I will write the link of the website at the end of this blog.

Sun Position-02

Slide1Picture above is an illustration of the data about the sun position and altitude that I get. In this picture, I assume that the height of the tree in the south of the site is approximately 20 meters. From the picture, we can see that the best time to get the sunlight is in the summer and fall. In that seasons, the site can get the sunlight all day. Unlike the spring and winter. In the spring, the site is still possible to get the sunlight in the daytime, but the shadow produced by the forest behind will cover most of the site’s area. While in winter, it is almost impossible the site can get the sunlight because the sun altitude is so low and also the trees.


In other diagram, it shows about how the shadows can be formed at the site. I used a similar method to the first diagram. I made two objects which are assumed as house and the barrier as high as 20 meters behind. From the diagram, we know the position of the sun and the direction of the shadow which can be formed. Although the intensity of sunlight in the summer and fall maximum, but we also have to think about the shadow that can be formed by other objects. It will require further study because it involves a lot of more complex things in the design process. It certainly should be done so that each unit can get enough sun intensity in order to create a comfortable area to live.

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