Alina Pavlova


Hi, Russian girl Alina here! I have got an undergraduate degree in Architecture from Newcastle University this summer, 2014. Now I am proud to call myself a Masters student of Urban Design Course. I grew up in an architectural family and knew that my life would be built around this discipline. I am a big fan of Photoshop and Revit Software. Apart from studies, I do Yoga classes and study two languages: French and German. I look forward to get new knowledge in urban design and skills to improve my portfolio .More details about my work are provided in my portfolio that can be easily assessed from:

Zitao Wang (Shane)

Zitao Wang2

Hi guys! I`m Zitao Wang, or you can call me Shane. I was graduated from Newcastle University in Urban Planning. Planning is always differ from designer, and I am trying to play good on both, so here I am. I come from the tourism city- Hangzhou, however, has spent five years in Newcastle. It is always interesting to explore where we live. It is also intersecting to understand how a place has developed, is developing, and will be developed. I would like to share all the experiences I have from the study in MA Urban Design Study.Contact me on:

Xiange Wang (William)

Xianghe Wang2

Hello everyone! This is Xianghe Wang from MA Urban Design at Newcastle University. You can call me William which is the same as UK prince! I am from the city of Guilin, the most beautiful city in China. I was graduated for my bachelors degree at the University of Liverpool in Urban Regeneration and Planning. I am interested in Urban Design especially so I choose the Urban Design as my master program. I hope you guys can enjoy my post and blog here! I am happy to communicate with you about Urban Planning, Design. Here is my email address:

Hifzani Zweardo Hidayat

Hifzani Zweardo Hidayat2Hello ladies and gentlemen! Firstly, i want to introduce myself to you. My name is Hifzani Zweardo Hidayat but you can call me Dodo. I am from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Well, Jakarta is a compact and dynamic city which has some problem in it. therefore, i decided to take Urban Design as my master program with the hope to participate in the development of Jakarta and other cities of my country in the future. I got my undergraduate degree in architecture from Pelita Harapan University, Indonesia. We can discuss about Architecture and Urban Design here. I do wait your comment and feedback in every article posted so that we can learn something. You can also contact me from my e-mail, Salam dari Indonesia!

Vu Quang Trung

Xin chào thế giớiQuang Trung Vu2! My full name is Vu Quang Trung, I come from Vietnam and I graduated with the background of Architecture. When I start to design a building, I mostly focus on the shape and the function of building without lack of research on the environment or background. When I was searching scholarship in UK, I found Urban Design as a step forward opening bigger picture with me.

Urban Design is a new term in Vietnam, in previous planning, there was no expert in urban designer aspect. I hope Urban Design course can help me to complete urban design in my country when i come back. Here is my contact :

 Mengying Qiao

Mengying Qiao2Hi, I am Mengying Qiao, as known as Joy. I am a girl from China. In July 2013, I graduated at Shanghai University where I received a bachelor’s in Urban Planning. I think life should not be flatly light. People should have their own pursuit and courage to challenge the limited life. Because I believe that human potential is endless, I would like to live in a competitive environment. That is why I choose to have my further study in Newcastle University.

At present, I take a master course in Urban Design with the hope that I can learn a lot from this course and have different cultural experience. After 3 months living here, I now settle in well and I am so glad to make many new friends in Newcastle.

Apart from urban design, things that hold my passion are listening to the music, reading, practicing my guitar and cooking. And also I really love traveling, going to new places to make new friends and learning about different cultures and life.

 Here is my contact:

Haoyuan Li

Haoyan Li2Hey, guys, I am Haoyuan Li, and you can also call me Beem as well.  A very friendly Chinese boy here, who really excited to have a study of Urban Design in UK right now after I finished my undergraduate course of architecture in China. And I also feel this is a excellent experience for me, which can let us receive some different knowledge and information.

I really love to know loads of  people, who came from different backgrounds. I went through one year Art and Design course in UK last year, which gave me a wonderful opportunity to know several friends working on different fields. I would like to share every single tiny thing with friends and enjoy this excellent year in Newcastle University. So, I will write things here and welcome all the comments for me.

Here is my email:

 Hui Wang

Hi, friends!  My name is HHui Wang2ui Wang, from China. I’m so exited to come back campus again. I studied architecture initially at Huazhong University of Science and Technology. During the experience of real projects, I got in touch with developers, constructors and other engineers. I learnt from every workmate, and thank them for teaching me cooperation. And now I’d like to make friends here, and share my experience on this blog. I do appreciate your comments!

Here is my contact :

Samuel Csader

Samuel Csader2Hi everyone! My name is Samuel Csader, I come from Slovakia´s capital city – Bratislava. I am an erasmus student at Newcastle University undertaking Urban Design modules. Back home, I have been studying Spatial Planning at Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava which I will be finishing by the end of this year.

My studies have opened a wide scope of different fields of interest for me. From design, management to travelling and photography. But at the end of the day, it always comes down to people. Getting to know new cultures and just trying to understand the way people from various parts of the world are. And Newcastle is a right place for that!

I would appreciate your comments and criticism. If you feel like contacting me any further, do not hesitate:

Lorna Heslop

Lorna Heslop2Hi I am Lorna, 23 years old, studying the Diploma in Urban Design at Newcastle University. After completing my BA Town Planning Degree at Newcastle University in 2013, I then moved to London for a year to complete a one year placement at Transport for London before returning to Newcastle in September 2014 to complete my Diploma.

My interest within urban design stems from my undergraduate studies and experiences I gained throughout my year in industry. I believe the profession plays a key role in promoting new ways of thinking and creating places that are designed both the function and promote attractiveness. I believe the role of urban design is therefore of increasing importance.

In my spare time, I play water polo for the university. In Summer 2014 I spent a month travelling around Europe, in which I discovered new and interesting urban design techniques and approaches. I wish to travel the world  one day.

Feel free to get in touch:


Matthew Rose

Matthew David Rose2I am 22 years old and I live local to the University. I live in a village between Newcastle and Sunderland about 15-20 minutes away.

I come from a planning background having graduated at The University of Manchester in July 2014 with a BA in Town and Country Planning. During my time at The University of Manchester I completed several modules in Urban Design and as a result I wanted to further broaden my studies by working towards a masters in this area.

Personal interests for me include various sports and exercise. I also have a love for the outdoors and when I can I spend time in the Lake District doing many outdoor activities. I also enjoy hearing and learning about peoples experiences and cultures from their home country, something that I have had a lot of whilst being on the course.

Feel free to comment on my posts and contact me:



Shue Li

Shue Li2Hi, my name is Shue Li. I come from Chongqing which is a mount city in china with unique urban characteristic. I graduated from University in 2012, with an undergraduate degree in Landscape Architecture. I had worked for one years after my graduation from university and now I decided to study at Newcastle University to continue my study in MA urban design.

I like design, I think design is such a wonderful thing that service for people and change people’s life. The cities and towns is the basic elements for people’s life, so I believe that as urban designers we can use our ideas and professional skills to change and build a better living environment. Urban design is a complicated subject that include different professional built environment problems, this is why I must keep studying to obtain knowledge and thinking widely in my work.

In my spare time, I am interest in movies, music, and travel to different place to enjoy the local culture and urban life. I am looking forward to communicate with you about the urban design and landscape architecture through this blog.


Meng Xu

Meng Xu2Hi, everyone, my name is Meng Xu. I come from Northeast of China and a beautiful city Harbin, I graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Art in 2009 and get the urban planning and design bachelor degree. I have been Newcastle 1 year and I like this city and this county where I get a lot of help from different people and also make a lot of friends. Now I a master student in Newcastle University and I am so luck I make some great friends. We like a big family that we help each other. I also learn a lot from other people. I like learning design and I also love urban design. I have a dream that I can design my hometown that will become a famous city in the world. I hope I can do it in the future. My email:

Yun Zhang

Yun Zhang2Hello everybody, I am Yun Zhang, I come from China, my family now moved to living in Beijing. I finished my undergraduate education in 2013, and I come from Landscape Architecture background. After my graduation, I joint a design company for internship. After my short time work, I realized that I need to absorb more professional knowledge, so now I am here.

Urban design to me is an attracting subject and needs great cooperative work with architects, landscape designers and sociologist, etc. But the work will defined by a long period of time, which is the allure of this subject. It is truly a precious chance for me to learn it right now.

My hobby is painting and I am a pop music fan. Of course, I am also very interested in movies and dramas. You are very welcomed to talk to me through this blog, it is truly an interesting thing to discuss with people from different backgrounds with different opinions.





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