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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJkZYCiXRAw

    Hai guys! do you know Cheonggyecheon restoration project? It is a big project in Seoul, South Korea. They change their express way in to a river. A public place for everyone. You must know this.

    This video tell us about the process of the project. This project had been through many obstacles that try to stop it. But now, Cheonggyecheon river has given many big impact for Seoul. This project is not just about design, but also social, economy, cultural dan historical. Interesting!

  2. Some links to interesting and also bit less interesting reading:

    – The Edible City: Continuous Productive Landscape


    – Urban Sociology in the 21st Century


    – Sustainable Urbanism and Beyond (Important piece of paper for urban planners and designers but I could not find a download link though)

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