Economic Assessment System of House Planning in Britain


British urban planning laws and regulations starting in the 19th century, but until the 20th century, the 1960s, before the beginning of the comprehensive reflection of urban planning practice, the focus of urban planning from physical planning to exploration of … Continue reading


shutterstock_69637735_Medium I have experienced a rather busy and fulfilling semester in the past few months. Two projects and a literature review have pushed me into a cycle of reading, drawing and designing all day. Modifications of the design and scheme … Continue reading

The Project of Cohousing

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The cohousing project of our group is focused on senior cohousing, which is for age-peer groups over fifty or so. It is necessary to understand the concept of cohousing at first place. Cohousing is a form of group living which … Continue reading

The Field trip to Nantes


The field trip to Nantes this time is quite fruitful. We have communicated with local students, exchanged our ideas and understanding on urban design. For the landscape design of a city, it is crucial to combine its geographical resources and … Continue reading

Chang Liu’ s Summary of the Semester Two

In this semester, I learned so much from our project and lessons in Hexham and Nante. At first, after the study of semester one, I gradually adapt to the different style of study and living in UK. With the improvement … Continue reading

The development of Senior Co-Housing

With the development of the city, how to creating the suited space for senior has become the hot point in the social public. Because of the work and living pressure, the people who living in the city always have not … Continue reading

Pocket Neighborhoods

Through the learning of the concept of the Co-Housing and community neighborhoods, we knew some relative concept to promote the public space including the concept of Pocket Neighborhoods. Being similar with the Co-Housing, the Pocket Neighborhoods encourage individuals to share … Continue reading

The background of the nursery home in china

Because of the project of co-housing, we can contact another residential form in UK. In china, this form of residential is not developed in recent years. However, just like the example I mentioned in the last post, I want to … Continue reading

At the beginning of contacting with Co-housing

In this Semester, we came into touch with a new residential concept about Co- housing which is a completely knowledge for me since I started to learn the urban design in the university. With the help of outdoor survey in … Continue reading

A review on “Senior cohousing communities – an alternative approach for the UK” by Maria Brenton.

Cohousing is a form of group living that clusters individual homes around a‘common house’ or shared space and amenities. People cohousing live both ‘apart and together’ with neighbours who know each other and sign up to certain values. They form … Continue reading

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