MAUD Visit to South Shields

On a sunny Tuesday of early October, a group of students of the MA in Urban Design travelled to South Shields (South Tyneside). We visited our study area and discovered vast car park areas and disused buildings at the heart of … Continue reading

Some Experience of The Blog Writting


In this semester, I had a great experience by making process in cohousing and landscape urbanism programs, and also by witting this blog about the thoughts and experience of urban design. Actually I began writting a blog since last semester, … Continue reading

Cohousing: Social Interaction target


More and More countries and places are supporting the development of more sustainable neighborhood, more activity means more livable. Besides, neighborhoods can help the redevelopment of local society. Social interaction will bring the knowledge of residents, and social structure. Also, … Continue reading

Case Study of Landscape Urbanism


Landscape Urbanism has a long time track that from 1880s to 1970s, from green urbanism to limited planning, as well as today being as a strong theory that changing private focus to public. Landscape Urbanism for me means the taking … Continue reading

The benefit of writing blog for this year


Web log abbreviation is WEBLOG, meaning in Chinese is “Web log”, later abbreviated to blog, and blogger (blog) is to write blog. Specifically, the blog (blogger) the concept explanation for the use of specific software and published on the web, … Continue reading

Character of Country Parks in U.K


Urbanization development to a certain stage, increasing the proportion of the urban population, the population density reached a certain height, people’s needs and lifestyle occurred great change, in the increasingly advocate of ecology and environment, the balance of the background … Continue reading

Change of the European city landscape during the industrial revolution


The ancient Rome empire marked Europe entered the feudal society of the middle ages. Due to farm for a Sunday Germanic south, the center of social life to the countryside, handicraft industry and commerce is very depressed, cities are in … Continue reading

The Craneshaugh Cohousing Design

In the process of designing cohousing this site of Hexham, I had a lot of experience to share. Hexham is a beautiful city which basically has both historical buildings and constructions with British modern architectures. People who living there are … Continue reading


zedz-urban-regeneration Cultural led urban regeneration is deemed as an effective way for the renascence of a declining old city. But culture is a very broad concept, for example, it could be historical culture, religious culture, food culture, festival culture, historical … Continue reading

Combine learning with blog

In this term, we still adhere to writing blog, I have completely adapted to this process, and writing blog has become part of my learning, and another way for me to extend the design thought. I begin to write my … Continue reading

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