Integrate agriculture in South Shield


When I got this project, my thought was very simple and shallow. I only think about how to design this town, how to design a beautiful scenery and not about any other things. I just focus on the design and drawing, but did not link the design with social, economic, community, environment and a series of elements affecting this town. Furthermore, our project is part of an integrating agriculture in South Shield, so we also got some knowledge about the agriculture which was previously an unknown domain for us. I learnt about the steps and approach on how to design one town or even a city from this course.

First, if you want to design one city or town, you must learn about this history, location, boundary, surrounding environment through researching data from internet and documents from city council. Moreover, we also need to visit the sites many times to feel the traffic and road and the situations of the people living there. When I was fully awared of all the circumstances, such as economic conditions, traffic conditions, urban culture, employment, living conditions of people and architectural features, we may begin to redesign the city and integrate agriculture into it. We also need analysis the SWOT of this site. It is a rather significant part in the design which can lead you into critical thinking.

Secondly, after the baseline analysis, we start to think about the concept of our design. At first, I do not know the meaning of the concept until I search some data with the comment from our tutorial. I start to understand this concept and our group appoint our concept.

Thirdly, we consider the economy of this place about in deep and integrating agriculture into this place. We went to interview some of the local people asking them why there are a lot of shops closed, what is the reason that cause the economic recession. In additional, we also investigate their satisfaction with South Shield. According to the data, we know this place has high rental price, high level unemployment and low income. Based on these reasons, we start to figure out how to design this place and what attention we should pay to this place. Therefore, the main idea of our plan is to reduce the time spent on integration of agriculture which in detail separates the total 15 years plan into three terms. First five years, we focus on the development of high street urban agriculture units, providing free food for public access, enhancing purchasing power for other services, providing farming fun and flexible for both public. Second five years, construct new supermarkets to provide working opportunity for local people. The third five years, due to the potential of high land value, using indoor agriculture to move the outer urban agriculture sites into buildings.

However, our tutor points out some existing problems in our design, one of which is we cannot give the clarified concept. In the next, we need to design in detail about the catalyst sites, thinking out more possible weak points existed in our design with the critical thinking ways.

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