Character of Country Parks in U.K


Urbanization development to a certain stage, increasing the proportion of the urban population, the population density reached a certain height, people’s needs and lifestyle occurred great change, in the increasingly advocate of ecology and environment, the balance of the background we need to segment and expand the types of urban green space system.

Nearly half a century, both developed and developing countries, in large and medium-sized cities around appeared a series of diffusion phenomenon known as the “suburbanization”, center city population, industrial, commercial and residential elements continuous to the area around the migration and expansion directly embezzled near the city of agricultural land, especially farmland and rural landscape. Urbanization provides a more material enjoyment to people, also drawn a man and nature of distance, coupled with urban rapid pace of life and the intense work, make people physically and mentally under the double pressure,

Comprehensive countries such as the UK and China’s Hong Kong region definition of country parks: Country Park is is located in the outskirts of the city, there is a good natural landscape, country vegetation and pastoral style, and to leisure and entertainment for the purpose of the park. The country park with more cultural meanings in english. Country park concept is to provide a series of natural and physical activity for urban residents. On the basis of relatively low consumption give people different services and leisure opportunities, and support many aspects of development: health, social, cultural, sports, the arts, education and lifelong learning.

Bring in the sixties of the 20th century the British economy rapid development of urban economic and social structure has a series of changes, the main characteristics of performance for the following three points:

1) the rapid development of the industrial town;

2) the rapid advance of railway construction;

3) the spread of private cars.

In the 1960s, due to the rapid development of the British car industry, private car prices very low, at that time, the road system is still in a stage that can make people happy driving. Many people have no destination drive to play outside, which has negative effects on the rural areas. In order to protect the countryside special status and environmental quality, sensitive area in the outskirts of the protection, 1966 government issued a white paper called for establishing a country park and picnic grounds. Its function is to relieve the stress of increasing urban residents life, providing a remote and undisturbed leisure area.

Country park in Britain has experienced 3 stages of development:

The first stage is the preparation stage, in fact, the early visitors to the park is still owning a private car, middle-class white people. In the subsequent development, the government pay more attention to public transport, emphasizing the participation of different social class groups, people-oriented service concept gradually replaced once upon a time in the land oriented concept.

The second stage is mainly in the period of stagnation, some parks agency funds were recovered, some park to make ends meet, British village committee at this stage gradually adopted new projects to strengthen the role of country parks in the whole social system.

The third stage is the country parks in England Renaissance, as a important recreation and tourism resources of the country park, by the attention of governments at all levels, village committee formulated plans to revitalize and protect country park, implement the improved management and safety protection measures, to achieve the purpose of repair of public assets.

Because located at the edge of the city, many country park is essentially plays a connecting urban and rural transition effects, at the University of Manchester in the country research institutions were “rural to urban sustainable development research — Country Park as the transition of landscape to determine on the edge of the city, country park through a combination of agricultural production, to provide land for use of residents and entertainment facilities. Researchers interpret problems include not only the pressure of urban development, agriculture is faced with difficulties and how to urban residents to improve the quality of life. Therefore, the edge of the city is the main area for the realization of the goal of sustainable development and the need to protect.

Changes in diversity of 1 city and countryside

2 biodiversity

3 provide recreational activities

4 social activities and civic participation, and traditional tourism

In addition, guide the public, visitors to understand nature and need to set detailed instructions in interpretation system, for example: British Vidin Chinese country park provides audio guide system, wireless audio technology has begun to be the freedom of people to use, from the entrance to the various attractions, visitors through the phone’s audio guide can freely visit 113hm2 the waters of the lawns and other tourists

Can be received nine historical story description, can also link to more information of interest to them, and fees are very low, 2 days only need 1.5 pounds. Some historic sites, the past form and use have been faithfullyrecorded and respected. Through these measures, people can visually personal feelings to outstanding landscape environment brought exactly what real change, through “contain teachs in travel”, reached the purpose of publicity and education, care for the environment.

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