Some Experience of The Blog Writting


In this semester, I had a great experience by making process in cohousing and landscape urbanism programs, and also by witting this blog about the thoughts and experience of urban design.
Actually I began writting a blog since last semester, and especially for the theme of my subject. In the progress of cohousing and landcape urbanism design making, we read a lot of books, articles, and of course case studies. And I used those experience and knowledge on the posts, to enhance my design thesis and experiences, which I found it is so useful.
In addition, I read all the blogs from my classmates, and their posts are amazingly various range from drawing to experiences, and from those case studies I can certainly get a lot of things that maybe I haven’t thought about and looked about. Also, we left our comments on each other’s posts, and anyone who saw that can build up a conversation easily by lefting comments, which may become a debate or discuss, and this form of interaction is one of what the blog meaning to us.
About the images and diagrams that I used in posts and what in my peers’ blogs, I found they are extremely useful to understanding the theme and points of posts, and a easy way to explain how this article going to tell a story. The diagrams especially, cleared and simplified the tough thesis, and those diagrams are the model of our study.
For those references, I need to say that is a very brilliant way to keep the Harvard system, and this not only can make our posts professional, but also a way of respect authors of our references, as well as for those sources of images. I think we should keep this habit for further writing.
To sum up, this blog writing means a lot to me. The theses, diagrams, images, as well as references, are very useful for my present and future, and it is a better way of keeping it for a long time.

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