A brief summary of “Cohousing and Community: The Secret Ingredients to Sustainability”



Cohousing communities are collaborative communities. They are the new trend in housing development and good model for sustainable community development at large. They achieve sustainability in environmental, social, and economic which make them succeed in sustainable. Cohousing not only includes green buildings, renewable energy systems, and use of sustainable material, but also make residents come together to share resources and learn some positive knowledge of sustainability. It is an effective way to reduced consumption by design optimizing energy efficiency and make more sustainable lifestyle.

Cohousing solved some development problem to promote a sustainable neighborhood. They provide small scale houses in safe, car-free, walkable neighborhoods. Most cohousing communities are easy access which close to town center and public transportation. And many cohousing communities also build work space and some basic facilities for residents working and living better. However, cohousing communities make maximum utilization of the limited land and surrounding area to build intergenerational communities.



Cohousing projects through a significant breakthrough in energy efficiency and resource conservation within an acceptable budget that cohousing residents can reap the benefits by cost-saving and environment-saving. And cohousing buildings are more sustainable by building in some special materials or the science method, such as sustainable harvested lumber and flooring materials, passive heating and cooling, previous paving to increase water absorption and so on.

Cohousing development advocate “small can be better” that means smaller houses can satisfy the resident’s demand and cohousing residents can get more common facilities. More importantly, this measures will help build a sustainable environment that is more resourceful and less consumptive. Residents are participate in design process of cohousing communities, so they can learn and educate each other sustainable measures during build their own communities. Cohousing is a safer, livable and enjoyable environment which provide private houses and public place for all the residents include adults and children. The sustainable system can help they save more money and enjoy a better living place, and it also advantage for neighborhoods have more social activities.



Author hope cohousing will continue develop in other cities around the world. Cohousing is an efficient way to reuse the existing resources and bring new people and activities to existing communities. It create living sustainability environment through redevelopment existing buildings and depend on public transportation and city’s basic structure.



Cohousing and Community, Creating Co-housing, McCamant, Durrett 2011


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