“Urbanism as a Way of Life”

City View collage

  In the last Aidan Oswell´s lecture, we have discussed socio-economic aspects of urban design. In this blog I would like to focus more on the social aspects of it. Especially on Chicago School of Sociology as was mentioned few … Continue reading

My Urban Design & Urbanism Issues in Chinese Big Cities


  As is known, China is stepping into urbanism with fast speed. Economic recovery encourages every city striving for constructing iconic buildings and skyscrapers. However, along with it, our city becomes indifferent and citizens feel less sense of belonging. Rural … Continue reading

Urban Regeneration – Why? and How?

  Since more cities are experiencing different issues, such as environmental degradation and economic crisis, urban regeneration is treated as an efficient approach to address these issues and meet the local needs. Regeneration is always considered as using active interventions to process changes in specific places. Two successful regeneration projects on Newcastle Gateshead Quayside will be introduced here to explore urban regeneration. Due to the de-industrialisation, and the closure of coal mining, Newcastle-Gateshead was negatively influenced. As a result, large population has lost during such period, some social and environmental issues, at the same time, were increase rapidly. Especially the quayside, due to the water population and decline of industries, has became the places that no one would like to go (Graaf, 2009). The area was thus depressed and dead. In the nineties, both city councils of Newcastle and Gateshead decided to establish a partnership and using culture power to bring people back and followed with several approaches to solve environmental pollution. Remarkable changes were therefore progressed on quayside with millions of pounds investment from public and private. The Baltic contemporary Art Gallery, The Sage Gateshead Music Centre, and the Gateshead Millennium Bridge were consequently built and developed as landmarks of this city. These changes brought a new life to the city and more people, especially creative people were attracted by these creative and artistic development. Another current regeneration on Newcastle quayside is the lower Ouseburn Valley Regeneration, which aims at addressing the de-centralisation and bring the middle-high income group move back to city centre to encourage the local economic. Such regeneration mainly tend to deliver a housing development on the previous low density with satisfactory surrounding environment. A sustainable neighbourhood was proposed with great river view. Meanwhile, existing local residents are put into consideration as well, namely, a social mix is proposed to be achieved by providing social housing. Reference: Graaf. V. D., 2009, “Out of Place? Emotional ties to the neighbourhood in urban renewal in the … Continue reading

Indoor Urban Agriculture: One way to have an extensive food growing in the city.


  Food is a basic need of every human being that must be fulfilled every day. Therefore, food production must continue to increase in number from day to day to meet all of these great needs. In 2050, the World … Continue reading

Low congestion and walkable urban

10 Busiest Junctions in the world

http://www.inautonews.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/avenida-9-de-julio-buenos-aires-argentina3.jpg Planning policy has changed to help transition cities into more walkable, dense urban forms. But what about for those of us who drive? Is it really possible to have both? The Complete Streets concept tries to take the focus off one over … Continue reading

A special city: Chongqing & Urban design in my mind

Hi,I’m SHUE LI, I come from Chongqing, a national historical and cultural cities, is located in the southwest of China. It is known as the” mountain city of china”. Chongqing Municipality possesses abundant landform resources including mountains, hills and rivers. … Continue reading

Urban Agriculture to improve deprived areas? or Urban Agriculture to have food security?

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 17.36.55

Image: http://www.globalwarming.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/food-security.jpg As part of our module in semester 1, our assignment was to look at South Shields and implement urban agricultural schemes to overcome problems that the town faced. Using various case studies and innovative methods we were to create … Continue reading

Christmas Wonderland in South Shields


Green Infrastructure (Networks)


Cities are no longer measured only by their population. City is a network of interactions and great human and technological potential. It is no longer a curiosity that urbanization is taking place all around the world. Scientists from various fields … Continue reading

Ebenezer Howard and his Garden City

Garden City_picture

Before I came to professor’s Ali Madanipour lecture, I was confused about what Garden City stands for. Having listened to his lecture I understand this topic much more clear.   http://www.hertsmemories.org.uk/ Ebenezer Howard was the man who invented Garden cities, prototype of … Continue reading

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