Hexham Colorful Village: Final Design


After All the process we went through, Finally, this final design created. The first thing we did when thinking of the design of this neighborhood was determining the appropriate area for cohousing, social housing and private housing. After some discussion, … Continue reading

Should We Retrofit Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems?


Should We Retrofit Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems?   In terms of design it is easier to design sustainable urban drainage systems at the start of the development process, however there are existing neighbourhoods that could benefit from the construction of … Continue reading

Colorful Village Project – Study Cases


After all the site analysis completed, the design process will begin. The Selection of some study cases which meets the requirements is one of the process. Study cases are expected to help the designer to develop an empty land that … Continue reading

The Ways To Design a House In Sloping Site


One of the challenges we have to face when designing a housing on the site in Hexham is the condition of the site which is not flat. Site is a hill that starts from the northern site near the main road and goes up … Continue reading

The Summary Of Designing Neighbourhoods For Social Interaction: The Case Of Cohousing


The relationship between design of every residential unit and residents’ behavior is the things which have to be considered in every neighbourhood. In many investigations, it is showed that the formal and informal interaction between design, personal and social factors … Continue reading

Hexham : The Sun Light Analysis


Hexham is a market town located in the south of Tyne River. Here is the location of the site which will we be designed for co-housing project in this second semester. When I visited there, I was amazed with the view in … Continue reading

Realising the economic viability and effectiveness of a design.


(http://ptqguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/PIC-Blog-1-Whats-your-budget.png)   The overarching theme that always comes into mind when determining a design for an area is the economic viability and effectiveness of the proposal. Throughout various lectures, in particular the economics lecture, it was reiterated that a design … Continue reading

Are streets safe at night if there is no car movement?


(http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-EUTggbe5I3o/T5WQYsNEBnI/AAAAAAAAC3E/fFCAs7eXd_4/s1600/SS300.jpg)   Throughout city centres there are pedestrian only streets, however on a night do they feel as safe as they do during the daytime? The reason I ask this is on a night streets with cars on them are … Continue reading

Integrate agriculture in South Shield


When I got this project, my thought was very simple and shallow. I only think about how to design this town, how to design a beautiful scenery and not about any other things. I just focus on the design and … Continue reading

Urban Regeneration: Integrated Culture and History


With the global cities industrial structure adjustment and the coming of post-industrial era at the end of 1920s, the growing enthusiasm for human heritage protection and attention, the concept of sustainable urban development led to the reflection of urban environmental … Continue reading

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