Urban living room


  Nowadays, social communication is gradual happen through remote communication devices such as telephone or computer, the raise of physical social interaction and community building are more considered, even in the field of urban design. Creating public spaces is the … Continue reading

Participation in the Blog (Semester 2)


Figure 1 Why should you Blog? (Susan Geunelius, 2015) Time flies fast and not all the memories stay in our heads. The university time is approaching to it’s end. This blog was a sort of a diary, a notebook. One … Continue reading

Engaging with Future Communities – Hexham Community Engagement Event


An important aspect of the majority of co-housing schemes is the way in which the development is designed, the future communities that are to inhabit them are (as mentioned in Developing a Design Brief posted on Wednesday 25th March). As … Continue reading

Identity by Design – The Case of Co-Housing

Whilst developing the concept design for a new residential development on a vacant site, one of my first thoughts was the consideration of how to create different character areas and establish a settlement which portrays distinctive place identity. Sepe’s  (2013) … Continue reading

The world is not flat-questioning traditional ways of urban design


-“The world is not flat.” This blog is my personal idea about what I am experiencing here at Newcastle University for the MA Urban Design. The idea of design at 3D level from he beginning originate from the housing project … Continue reading

Colorful Village Project – Study Cases


After all the site analysis completed, the design process will begin. The Selection of some study cases which meets the requirements is one of the process. Study cases are expected to help the designer to develop an empty land that … Continue reading

Developing a Design Brief – Observations of a Participatory Design Process

Participatory Design Process

Semester Two sees the beginning of new projects and the exploration of new ideas, separated into pairs, this terms large scale design project is focussed upon the development of a CoHousing scheme in Hexham, a small town in Northumberland. Under … Continue reading

Understanding Design Features – A Visit to Forgebank (Lancaster’s Co-Housing Scheme)


After being introduced to the idea of co-housing and beginning site analysis, as a cohort we undertook a site visit to an established co-housing scheme in Hoxton, Lancaster. Considering the outcomes of present site analysis and academic research I was … Continue reading

The Ways To Design a House In Sloping Site


One of the challenges we have to face when designing a housing on the site in Hexham is the condition of the site which is not flat. Site is a hill that starts from the northern site near the main road and goes up … Continue reading

Co-housing – Our Home

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 15.58.19

At the beginning of My study on Urban Design, I came up with a common issue that citizens in big cities of China feel less sense of belonging. Most people are lonely, who don’t even know their next-door neighbours. The … Continue reading

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