The background of the nursery home in china

Because of the project of co-housing, we can contact another residential form in UK. In china, this form of residential is not developed in recent years. However, just like the example I mentioned in the last post, I want to … Continue reading

At the beginning of contacting with Co-housing

In this Semester, we came into touch with a new residential concept about Co- housing which is a completely knowledge for me since I started to learn the urban design in the university. With the help of outdoor survey in … Continue reading

It has been more than half year since I started use blog to share the my understandings of the articles I read, the events I participated and the experienced I had about urban design. Firstly, I terms of time management … Continue reading

Second semester Blog experience summary


After the first semester, I do know how the Blog system works in the Newcastle University. I do enjoy the Blog during our study here at MA Urban Design. It is recording our life and experience here like the Lancaster … Continue reading

Thank you Newcastle MA Urban Design


The reason for me to name this blog by using the title of “Thank you Newcastle MA Urban Design” has several meanings. Firstly, since two semesters had passed in my postgraduate career, I really learn a lot in Urban Design … Continue reading

Participation in the Blog (Semester 2)

3D rendering of a forming puzzle with the word Blog

To be honest, this semester is quite busy and difficult with me to manage time and divide my energy on different subjects of semester 2. However, I still try all my effort to write a quality blog as much as … Continue reading

High Density: Is this good?


  It is already one year since the day I began research on urban design, there is one thing make me interest is density. In many literature reviews, journals and books, there is a consensus between various experts about mixed … Continue reading

Cohousing Design in Craneshaugh housing project

—from case study to design proposal 1. Case- Bridport cohousing A way of living that’s more green, less costly & more neighbourly! 1. 34units, consist of 1-5 bed-room housing units. 2. terraced house 3. community garden, playing ground, shared … Continue reading

How Cohousing help build a community

— from Lancaster Co-housing Visit Cohousing is a concept, proposed by Danish in the sixties. It optimises the design of the housing to  encourage interaction while respecting those times when we desire privacy.It is a form of communal living. Sharing … Continue reading

Hexham Colorful Village: Final Design


After All the process we went through, Finally, this final design created. The first thing we did when thinking of the design of this neighborhood was determining the appropriate area for cohousing, social housing and private housing. After some discussion, … Continue reading

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