Urban living room


  Nowadays, social communication is gradual happen through remote communication devices such as telephone or computer, the raise of physical social interaction and community building are more considered, even in the field of urban design. Creating public spaces is the … Continue reading

‘Colorful Vallage’ for older people in Hexam

colorful town

http://www.norwegian.com/magazine/features/2013/05/fifty-shades-of-everything In this semester, we are going to design co-housing, social housing and private housing in Hexham. This is my first time to know about co-housing. Therefore, what is co-housing? Here, I will explain it briefly. It is more like … Continue reading

‘Co-Housing and Community’ – A Written Summary

Taken from: Creating Co-Housing, McCamant & Durrant (2011) Lorna Heslop’s Summary – Group 2 As part of the ‘Housing Alternatives’ module, each group was allocated a reading and required to produce a short summary. The follow text summaries the key … Continue reading

Are streets safe at night if there is no car movement?


(http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-EUTggbe5I3o/T5WQYsNEBnI/AAAAAAAAC3E/fFCAs7eXd_4/s1600/SS300.jpg)   Throughout city centres there are pedestrian only streets, however on a night do they feel as safe as they do during the daytime? The reason I ask this is on a night streets with cars on them are … Continue reading

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