Economic Assessment System of House Planning in Britain


British urban planning laws and regulations starting in the 19th century, but until the 20th century, the 1960s, before the beginning of the comprehensive reflection of urban planning practice, the focus of urban planning from physical planning to exploration of … Continue reading


Sustainable development is the aim that developments always try to achieve. However a true sustainable development is always argued as impossible to be achieved as it require the balance among social aspects, political aspects and environment aspects and could meet … Continue reading

A community of older people in cohousing

cohousing provides community and independence

In this semester, our project is mainly about designing couhousing for elderly people. Durrett (2009) claims that ‘Senior cohousing is a relevant reaction to the realities of our society.’ It is different with other existing private households. Old people who … Continue reading

Hexham Colorful Village: Final Design


After All the process we went through, Finally, this final design created. The first thing we did when thinking of the design of this neighborhood was determining the appropriate area for cohousing, social housing and private housing. After some discussion, … Continue reading

Cohousing : Care Village


  Cohousing is an intentional neighbourhood, in which, design and all of work are run by their residents. Each household live in their own dwelling but share community facilities, in particular, common house is a meeting point where they do … Continue reading

Engaging with Future Communities – Hexham Community Engagement Event


An important aspect of the majority of co-housing schemes is the way in which the development is designed, the future communities that are to inhabit them are (as mentioned in Developing a Design Brief posted on Wednesday 25th March). As … Continue reading

Identity by Design – The Case of Co-Housing

Whilst developing the concept design for a new residential development on a vacant site, one of my first thoughts was the consideration of how to create different character areas and establish a settlement which portrays distinctive place identity. Sepe’s  (2013) … Continue reading

Developing a Design Brief – Observations of a Participatory Design Process

Participatory Design Process

Semester Two sees the beginning of new projects and the exploration of new ideas, separated into pairs, this terms large scale design project is focussed upon the development of a CoHousing scheme in Hexham, a small town in Northumberland. Under … Continue reading

Cohousing Text Summary – ‘An Old Idea: A Contemporary Approach’

Here is my summary of the choosing text – An Old Idea: A Contemporary Approach. It is quite a long summary, however, due to the detail and important aspects that it covers and the potential usefulness that it holds for … Continue reading

The Summary Of Designing Neighbourhoods For Social Interaction: The Case Of Cohousing


The relationship between design of every residential unit and residents’ behavior is the things which have to be considered in every neighbourhood. In many investigations, it is showed that the formal and informal interaction between design, personal and social factors … Continue reading

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