Should We Retrofit Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems?


Should We Retrofit Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems?   In terms of design it is easier to design sustainable urban drainage systems at the start of the development process, however there are existing neighbourhoods that could benefit from the construction of … Continue reading

Green Infrastructure (Networks)


Cities are no longer measured only by their population. City is a network of interactions and great human and technological potential. It is no longer a curiosity that urbanization is taking place all around the world. Scientists from various fields … Continue reading

The food is the powerful tool to shape the world better


How do you feed a city? It is one of the great questions of our time. We taking for granted that if we going to the shop or restaurant it is going to be food there waiting for us having … Continue reading

The Naked Lady of the North

View on the entrance path between the two hills

  During my summer break I was looking for an interesting destination around Newcastle which would be useful to visit for my career as urban designer. After a proper search in the internet I discovered The Lady of the North. … Continue reading

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