The Landscape urban that comes from Landscape Urbanism


In the past ten years, a new theory about city and urban design – landscape urbanism has been argued and became popular among the students in the north America and European landscape and urban design area. The main focusing point … Continue reading

Mobile Garden in term of Urban Agriculture


Urban Agriculture is becoming a sustainable and effective development trend, especially in urban regeneration, building green infrastructure, preventing climate change and food supply. However, it is not easy to start growing a Urban Agriculture system, particularly in high density city … Continue reading

Design of neighborhoods in China

From the beginning of human civilization, people have never stopped pursuing living environment and urban construction. As science and technology civilization developed, the city has been built better and better, streets, buildings, green park and residential area formed a whole … Continue reading

Live01 – Sustainable neighbourhood(?)


  Live01 – translation of Swedish Bo01 that stands for a district developed few years ago as one part of redevelopment of Västra Hamnen – West Harbour, a former industrial wharf in a city of Malmo, Sweden. Bo01 as an … Continue reading

Urban Regeneration: Integrated Culture and History


With the global cities industrial structure adjustment and the coming of post-industrial era at the end of 1920s, the growing enthusiasm for human heritage protection and attention, the concept of sustainable urban development led to the reflection of urban environmental … Continue reading

The Cheonggyecheon River Restoration Project: The Restoration of Environmental, Social & Economic in Seoul

The Cheonggyecheon river is a historic river that divides Seoul into 2 parts. River stretches from north to south with 23 tributaries spread almost all over Seoul. To overcome some of the problems that previously occurred there, one of them … Continue reading

“Urbanism as a Way of Life”

City View collage

  In the last Aidan Oswell´s lecture, we have discussed socio-economic aspects of urban design. In this blog I would like to focus more on the social aspects of it. Especially on Chicago School of Sociology as was mentioned few … Continue reading

The Awareness and Development of Urban Agriculture in Different Regions

Food shortage has always been a big problem for the whole world. Although now technology is making progress and productivity is gradually improving, the growing food consumption still cannot be satisfied. At present, the world population has reached 7 billion, … Continue reading

Gated Community: Safety or Not?


When we talking about the future trend of community design, one of the patterns is enjoying its popularity, which is gated community. Gated neighborhoods seems could give residents the sense of security, their style are easy to be copied, which … Continue reading

Culture and Art in the Urban Regeneration

The modern development cities are mostly industrial cities which began the large-scale development in late nineteenth Century. Till now, a lot of cities, especially regions which supported by traditional industries, began to experience economic and political decline, and the city … Continue reading

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