I talked sustainable development in my last blog, which I understand is a wide topic. Therefore, I will continue with the exploration of sustainable development. I will however more focus on the relationship between city and nature this time and … Continue reading

The Summary Of Designing Neighbourhoods For Social Interaction: The Case Of Cohousing


The relationship between design of every residential unit and residents’ behavior is the things which have to be considered in every neighbourhood. In many investigations, it is showed that the formal and informal interaction between design, personal and social factors … Continue reading

Realising the economic viability and effectiveness of a design.


(   The overarching theme that always comes into mind when determining a design for an area is the economic viability and effectiveness of the proposal. Throughout various lectures, in particular the economics lecture, it was reiterated that a design … Continue reading

Integrate agriculture in South Shield


When I got this project, my thought was very simple and shallow. I only think about how to design this town, how to design a beautiful scenery and not about any other things. I just focus on the design and … Continue reading

The Cheonggyecheon River Restoration Project: The Restoration of Environmental, Social & Economic in Seoul

The Cheonggyecheon river is a historic river that divides Seoul into 2 parts. River stretches from north to south with 23 tributaries spread almost all over Seoul. To overcome some of the problems that previously occurred there, one of them … Continue reading

Environment Sensitivity and Sustainability-West Seoul Lake Park

36358706 This project establishes a park on a waste factory that integrates into many elements of the fragment of industry. It is evident that people ought to use some old facility and abandoned industry though it cannot play the main … Continue reading

Urban agriculture in South Shields

  Now we are working at the regeneration of South Shields. Our preliminary idea is connect the open space and local residents through urban agriculture. We want to change the current situation of South Shields, such as “lacking of attraction”, … Continue reading

The food is the powerful tool to shape the world better


How do you feed a city? It is one of the great questions of our time. We taking for granted that if we going to the shop or restaurant it is going to be food there waiting for us having … Continue reading

My thinking for Urban Agriculture and Economic in South Shields

Before learning the course of Skills in Urban agriculture, I did not contact much knowledge about urban agriculture because of the following reasons. Firstly, in china, all of the cities are going through the Urbanization. With more and more individuals … Continue reading

Reflective Summary of Visioning Event


  The vision carried by our group in south shields project is “Grow(ing) in South Shields”. This vision is not the the initial one we proposed before. Initially, we came up with 3 different vision. After we got some feedback, … Continue reading

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