Character of Country Parks in U.K


Urbanization development to a certain stage, increasing the proportion of the urban population, the population density reached a certain height, people’s needs and lifestyle occurred great change, in the increasingly advocate of ecology and environment, the balance of the background … Continue reading

Landscape as Urbanism

Landscape as Urbanism   In the module Cities and Culture, that ran parallel with the Alternative Housing module, my group were required to read a piece of literature by Charles Waldheim. The literature was ‘Landscape as Urbanism’. In the previous … Continue reading


I talked sustainable development in my last blog, which I understand is a wide topic. Therefore, I will continue with the exploration of sustainable development. I will however more focus on the relationship between city and nature this time and … Continue reading

Should We Retrofit Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems?


Should We Retrofit Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems?   In terms of design it is easier to design sustainable urban drainage systems at the start of the development process, however there are existing neighbourhoods that could benefit from the construction of … Continue reading

Understanding Landscape Urbanism


James Corner (2006) suggests that there is a need for the development of new ways of thinking and approaching design differently, by no longer seeing the environment and the urban as two separate identities, design should be constructed upon the … Continue reading

Hexham : The Sun Light Analysis


Hexham is a market town located in the south of Tyne River. Here is the location of the site which will we be designed for co-housing project in this second semester. When I visited there, I was amazed with the view in … Continue reading

Live01 – Sustainable neighbourhood(?)


  Live01 – translation of Swedish Bo01 that stands for a district developed few years ago as one part of redevelopment of Västra Hamnen – West Harbour, a former industrial wharf in a city of Malmo, Sweden. Bo01 as an … Continue reading

The Cheonggyecheon River Restoration Project: The Restoration of Environmental, Social & Economic in Seoul

The Cheonggyecheon river is a historic river that divides Seoul into 2 parts. River stretches from north to south with 23 tributaries spread almost all over Seoul. To overcome some of the problems that previously occurred there, one of them … Continue reading

“Urbanism as a Way of Life”

City View collage

  In the last Aidan Oswell´s lecture, we have discussed socio-economic aspects of urban design. In this blog I would like to focus more on the social aspects of it. Especially on Chicago School of Sociology as was mentioned few … Continue reading

Indoor Urban Agriculture: One way to have an extensive food growing in the city.


  Food is a basic need of every human being that must be fulfilled every day. Therefore, food production must continue to increase in number from day to day to meet all of these great needs. In 2050, the World … Continue reading

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