Cohousing: Social Interaction target


More and More countries and places are supporting the development of more sustainable neighborhood, more activity means more livable. Besides, neighborhoods can help the redevelopment of local society. Social interaction will bring the knowledge of residents, and social structure. Also, … Continue reading

Change of the European city landscape during the industrial revolution


The ancient Rome empire marked Europe entered the feudal society of the middle ages. Due to farm for a Sunday Germanic south, the center of social life to the countryside, handicraft industry and commerce is very depressed, cities are in … Continue reading

The Craneshaugh Cohousing Design

In the process of designing cohousing this site of Hexham, I had a lot of experience to share. Hexham is a beautiful city which basically has both historical buildings and constructions with British modern architectures. People who living there are … Continue reading

A review on “Senior cohousing communities – an alternative approach for the UK” by Maria Brenton.

Cohousing is a form of group living that clusters individual homes around a‘common house’ or shared space and amenities. People cohousing live both ‘apart and together’ with neighbours who know each other and sign up to certain values. They form … Continue reading

Application of urban design in residential design

  Source: Previously, my concept to the residence design was the planning of external space of the residence area, because I learnt landscape architecture in the past, which focus on how to manage and plan the space beyond buildings, so … Continue reading

Understanding Cohousing and design a cohousing for old people

  Figure 1 source:The Cohousing Company McCamant & Durrett Architects Cohousing is a living area built by the residents who work together, and the residents themselves will actively participate in the design, construction and management of the whole community. The residents … Continue reading

Evaluation of Community Planning and Life of Senior Cohousing Projects in Northern European Countries

Summary: For the world’s future, how to deal with the issue of growing elderly people in different country is important. This means the new century do ask care for the new cohorts of the elderly which are not the same … Continue reading


Sustainable development is the aim that developments always try to achieve. However a true sustainable development is always argued as impossible to be achieved as it require the balance among social aspects, political aspects and environment aspects and could meet … Continue reading


Cohousing as a way of living concerns more about community and people. Residents have their regular private home with normal stuff and they have more shared space and facilities such as workshop, common room and gardens. Cohousing is always a … Continue reading

Visit a cohousing project —Lancaster cohousing scheme

Source: Author’s Own The best way to understand a new thing is the visit site. In this term, we conduct the cohousing project design. After the teacher introduced the design concept of cohousing, we had a field trip to the … Continue reading

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