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Hi, everyone, My name is Meng Xu. I come from Northeast of China and a beautiful city Harbin . I graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Art and get the urban planning and design bachelor degree.I am a enthusiastic and heart-warm girl.

Ice City- Harbin- China Baroque



I want to introduce my hometown: Harbin, Northeast of China. It is a beautiful city in China. Harbin is the Capital of Heilongjiang Province. It is the largest city in Heilongjiang Province. Because this city is so cold in winter that this city has the different character in China. It is also called Ice City.



Every year, this city will hold Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival which using the ice and snow carve the different shape in building, animals, figure and so on. Meanwhile, people also can play ice slide that has the different funny. Therefore, every year it attracts a large number of people to visit and playing at here.








Due to the historic reason, the architecture of character of Harbin is Russian and European styles. There is a famous street called Zhong Yang Street which building is typical representative of the Byzantine architecture. The famous architecture is named Sophia Church that is baroque architecture style. It is the biggest Baroque Architecture in China.



There is an architecture style called China Baroque, which is integrated with the china elements and forms. It is located in the Dao Wai district, Harbin, China. Covering a total area of 290,000 square meters, the buildings merge western Baroque architectural elements and traditional Chinese design features together. It preserves the most intact completely in China and also the biggest community construction of the China Baroque. The character of China Baroque connects the pillar of Western aesthetics and element of the China such as plants, animals and other elements symbolizing the longevity, fertilities, happiness and good fortunes. Therefore, China Baroque has its unique feather that use the traditional-style Chinese doors with iron knockers shaped. Moreover, opening quadrangle courtyards behind the buildings’ facades is a striking feather in China Baroque.







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If people want to see the different scenery in China, I hope you can come to Harbin that is the fairytale city.

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