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The districts of Txurdinaga and Otxarcoaga are located at the edge area of the city in Bilbao’s district 3. On the slopes of the mountains that surround the city, a lot of dwellings a built for people, featured by lacking of urban services and infrastructures; after the civil war of the Spanish. As a consequent, the rocky embankment on Jesus Galindez Avenue had created an isolated piece of land within the city, and until today it has divided the city both physically and socially.



The government improves the infrastructures of the city center and develop some projects of the suburban area so as to improve the conditions of the urban space of some of these outer areas. The project mainly take efforts to remove the physical barriers and improve the accessibility to these areas, which are always located on steep slopes; eliminate social barriers and improve the conditions of these areas in order to bring them the urban living quality level just as the centre of the city.
The meaning of this design is to restore the embankment on Jesu Galindez Avenue. The original site is composed of a rocky embankment with a difference in level of 18, which has stability problems that always cause landslides. Two districts are connected only by a small, poorly-maintained metal stairway that appears to be a social barrier, isolating the district of Otxarcoaga with its severe social problems from the rest of the city.



The aim of this project is to consolidate the embankment. Designers use inclined planes of different materials shaping the embankment that show the special topography in this city. These triangle planes are formed by plant, rocks and concrete and reshape the special shape of shadow in the evening. In additional, setting a series of stairs to connect the top and bottom levels in order to reduce the physical barrier impact of the embankment in the city. Taking advantage of the height of this area, it can be transformed into a horizontal platform of the city. All the elements include in the leisure platform such as public toilets, stairways, the sitting areas. It is hided in a single fold.

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When people travel to this city, it is become a landmark in this city that brings a different landscape. That is the weakness in this city at the first, but designers do some changes to become a miracle in this city and attract a lot people traveling in this city.

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