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What can we do in Hexham Co-housing?


— Based on Site Analysis Hexham is a historical market town in Northumberland,England, located south of the River Tyne. It is less than 1 hour travelling from Hexham to neighbour cities like Newcastle, Sunderland, and Durham. Traffic to outer cities … Continue reading

Co-housing – Our Home

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 15.58.19

At the beginning of My study on Urban Design, I came up with a common issue that citizens in big cities of China feel less sense of belonging. Most people are lonely, who don’t even know their next-door neighbours. The … Continue reading

‘Co-Housing and Community’ – A Written Summary

Taken from: Creating Co-Housing, McCamant & Durrant (2011) Lorna Heslop’s Summary – Group 2 As part of the ‘Housing Alternatives’ module, each group was allocated a reading and required to produce a short summary. The follow text summaries the key … Continue reading

Cohousing Text Summary – ‘An Old Idea: A Contemporary Approach’

Here is my summary of the choosing text – An Old Idea: A Contemporary Approach. It is quite a long summary, however, due to the detail and important aspects that it covers and the potential usefulness that it holds for … Continue reading

The Summary of “Senior Cohousing Communities”

Senior cohousing is a successful development from some case studies in Germany, Denmark and Netherlands and elsewhere in which the cooperation between authorities and ageing community. In particular, government policy focus on enhancing ability of elder people to live independent instead of depend on healthcare or social service. Older people’s group have opportunities to approach posts, grants, adult education courses and play a role as a partnership with the municipal. Case studies from Netherlands also show a flexible development. Members in senior cohousing community group themselves into specific groups. They also raise their income by transferring the function of  existing apartment blocks into common place in order to support each other and to start their business. In case of UK, senior cohousing haven’t established, however, the interest as well as demand for senior cohousing start increasing that lead to some institutions are organized to associate with … Continue reading

The Summary Of Designing Neighbourhoods For Social Interaction: The Case Of Cohousing


The relationship between design of every residential unit and residents’ behavior is the things which have to be considered in every neighbourhood. In many investigations, it is showed that the formal and informal interaction between design, personal and social factors … Continue reading

A brief summary of “Cohousing and Community: The Secret Ingredients to Sustainability”

Cohousing communities are collaborative communities. They are the new trend in housing development and good model for sustainable community development at large. They achieve sustainability in environmental, social, and economic which make them succeed in sustainable. Cohousing not only includes … Continue reading

Hexham : The Sun Light Analysis


Hexham is a market town located in the south of Tyne River. Here is the location of the site which will we be designed for co-housing project in this second semester. When I visited there, I was amazed with the view in … Continue reading

Summary for ‘Saving space, sharing time: integrated infrastructures of daily Life in cohousing’ (Group 5–Post by Beem)


With the demand of fast growing population and changes of the family structure, as well as the growing interest in cohousing, there is a trend of communal dining in the work centred culture with isolation and hurricanes feeling.  Cohousing has … Continue reading

Towards Sustainable Communities (a short summary of “Creating Cohousing” book)

Inhabitants of Vrijburcht Cohousing

Figure 1 Inhabitants of ‘Alte Schule Karlshors’ Cohousing (Willem van Gils, 2013) According to the common definition, the word ‘cohousing’ means a group of people united by living collectively on the basis of common property (Doyle Street Cohousing, 2014). A … Continue reading

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