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Reflection of The Blog


  I have to say, the blog is a totally new experience for me. I haven’t had a chance to express my ideas about what I have learnt, or what I have seen. It is so interesting for me to … Continue reading

Achieving Urban Regeneration by Recyclable Materials

In the different development stages of urban design, urban designers have different concerns in their views. From ancient times to modern times, the focus of urban design changed in different aspects. Nowadays, urban designers gradually realize the importance of urban … Continue reading

My Reflection of Using Blog

In fact, before contacting this course about Blog, I am not a person who is very interested in communicating on the social network, such as wechat, blog and microblog. So, writing the posts and comments in the MA Urban design … Continue reading

The Thinking of Urban Regeneration

With the improving of the population and boundary of city, the number of the urban buildings in the large cities gradually reach situation of saturation. So, the viewpoint about how to achieve the urban regeneration has been seen as a … Continue reading

Movement Strategy in Expo 2010 Shanghai

As for urban design, the movement strategy always plays a vital role in a project, which assume the responsibility about connecting the different function of the region. With the increasing of urban population and traffic by vehicle, successful movement strategy … Continue reading

Community Engagement in China

With the development of technology and urban design’s concept, whether or not the successful community can be built for the residents has became a hot discussion for the public. The demands of individuals who living in the modern are not … Continue reading

Reflection on the Blog

Urban Design Blog offers us a great platform to express and exchange thinkings of urban issues during studying. Every member from a variety of background focuses on different fields, holding different perspectives on urban design, while we are lucky to … Continue reading

My experience of blogging

3D rendering of a forming puzzle with the word Blog

Although blogging is quite popular at the time the information technology development, however, blogging is a totally new thing that I have never done before. Furthermore, the article on my blog must demonstrate critical thinking about issues surrounding urban design.  … Continue reading

Writing a blog

Writing blog is a completely new experience for me. Previously, I read others’ blogs from the perspective of a reader and had never thought of writing a blog about my idea and opinion. Most of the social networks we contact … Continue reading

Reflection of Using Blog

Using blog posts to represent personal thoughts of the knowledges I have learnt is a totally new approach I have ever tried. Since I was not used to such socialised means, it was challenging for me to start with. The blog posts I have done are, still, not like telling stories in person but more like academic essay. However, the experiences on blogging show that it could help a lot on studying. The first benefit of using blog is share. Blog is a place where everyone can participate in and share their own experiences. Study on urban design or relevant subjects always require a wide reading and abundant on different cases all over the world. Due to the time limit, the ability of reading and experiencing of an individual is often limited as well. However, with the assist of blog, people could share their own experiences and interesting cases they have found. Especially, people sharing these experiences are always studying and interested in similar fields that you are studying. These kind of experiences are always more helpful for future study. Meanwhile, in some cases, two or more people might interested in a same case, it could also provide a good opportunity to know and share what someone else think about this case and is there any special aspects that I have not considered yet. The second advantage of using blog is communicating. In terms of communicating, blog delivers two main communicating approaches. The first one is using comments. Similar with blogging, comments is an approach to know other people`s thoughts on what you have posted, which could provide a more comprehensive understanding on one specific topic. On the other hand, blog itself is a communicating means. We designers, planners and architects are always seek some direct, simple and understandable ways to deliver our design proposes to the public. I am not saying blogging is an efficient for all these delivery, but it bring us a consideration on what is the most efficient way to deliver what we want to tell the public. Blog itself is an entertaining social tool. The form of blog does not have to be pure words or as boring as professional texts and diagrams, video, optional texts and diagrams, Q&As, are all acceptable on blog. It is more socialised and more acceptable to the public, namely, blog is a more accessible communication platform. Besides, blog could be participated by more people who is not from similar background with you, namely, these people are from the public. Hence, their opinions are actually the responses we are looking for. The use of blog will be continued. Although, at this stage, not all the functions of blog have been used well. Blog is more a daily life social tool to optionally record any thoughts you what to share with others and listen other people`s opinions. It could be seen as lots of people are helping you on your study on blog. Therefore, the higher  frequency blog has been used, a wider knowledge you might learnt.

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