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Blog laptop

Blog is an essential way of sharing your thoughts. There are lots of advantages. First of all, it’s a great place of meeting new people. By writing this Blog I can advertise and attract people attention to Urban Design. I can talk … Continue reading

Christmas Wonderland in South Shields


Does a perfect city exist?


The work of Tommaso Campanella (1568-1639) presented an ideal society concept in his famous philosophy work ‘The City of the Sun’. The publication was composed during the time he spent in prison, where he was put for leading a political … Continue reading

Movement within the City


When I came from a Richard Smith’s lecture, I started to think more deeply about better streets principles & green infustructure and best movement solutions.Today the tendency for a gradual increase in population of urban areas and decline its decline … Continue reading

Chandigarh: Le Corbusier’s “Master Piece”

  Le Corbusier is a name often mentioned in fields of Urban Design and Architecture. It is name representing modernism and new approaches to design. Le Corbusier has also been mentioned few times during our lectures. In this article I … Continue reading

Green Infrastructure (Networks)


Cities are no longer measured only by their population. City is a network of interactions and great human and technological potential. It is no longer a curiosity that urbanization is taking place all around the world. Scientists from various fields … Continue reading

Let’s Engaged Community in Urban Design


The idea to create this post came to me after I attended a lecture of Sally Thomas. The lady who came from Social Regeneration Consultants (SRC) and North Star Housing Group. She explained why it is important to engaged community … Continue reading

Ice City- Harbin- China Baroque

00001596 I want to introduce my hometown: Harbin, Northeast of China. It is a beautiful city in China. Harbin is the Capital of Heilongjiang Province. It is the largest city in Heilongjiang Province. Because this city is so cold in … Continue reading

Culture-led, arts-led regeneration


  The process of urban regeneration are common features in every cities around the world: changing the industrial city into a large center, conversing industrial land and brownfield to another function or the mixture area, improving facilities, etc. That in … Continue reading

Ebenezer Howard and his Garden City

Garden City_picture

Before I came to professor’s Ali Madanipour lecture, I was confused about what Garden City stands for. Having listened to his lecture I understand this topic much more clear. Ebenezer Howard was the man who invented Garden cities, prototype of … Continue reading

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