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My thinking for Urban Agriculture and Economic in South Shields

Before learning the course of Skills in Urban agriculture, I did not contact much knowledge about urban agriculture because of the following reasons. Firstly, in china, all of the cities are going through the Urbanization. With more and more individuals … Continue reading

The Continuous Monument—Superstudio


    THE INTRODUCTION OF SUPERSTUDIO “In the beginning we designed objects for production, designs to be turned into wood and steel, glass and brick or plastic – then we produced neutral and usable designs, then finally negative utopias, forewarning … Continue reading

The Role Of Sittable Space For Public Space In The City


I got the idea to write this when I read an article entitled ‘The Design Of Space’ written by William H. Whyte. This paper is not the study of the article because I do not have the capability to do … Continue reading

Bicycle Shape The Face Of The City

Cyklister pΠSkeppsholmsbron

Traffic jam occur more frequently in larger cities. This is what makes us no longer able to predict our travel time. Do you know that we can more predict the travel time by using bicycle than vehicle at this moment?Bike is not … Continue reading

My Urban Design

Urban design is a complex discipline which will present the different meaning for certain area through bringing in the culture background. In this blog, I will introduce some outstanding case study of urban design in china and the inspiration for … Continue reading

Public Space In The Negative Space

Negative space is the remaining space in a city. Typically, these spaces formed due to the construction of infrastructures and buildings. For example, if a city build an elevated road, this space will be formed underneath. Many cities are using … Continue reading

Reflective Summary of Visioning Event


  The vision carried by our group in south shields project is “Grow(ing) in South Shields”. This vision is not the the initial one we proposed before. Initially, we came up with 3 different vision. After we got some feedback, … Continue reading

Thinking about UA and Economics in regeneration of South Shields

From the masterplan of South Shields starting to now, I try my best to explore what is this project’s main aims. Firstly, I develop an understanding and the ability to evaluate in physical and social environment. And also improve my … Continue reading

Workshop on Urban Agriculture and Economics


Project: South Shields, UK                                                      Topic: Urban Agriculture Aims are:1. Alive the existing town; 2. Reduce … Continue reading

Learning and Thinking of “Urban Agriculture in Town Regeneration”


During the past few weeks’ tutorials and presentations, I was thinking what’s the difference between planning and regeneration, and what we are supposed to do in a mature community.  As we all know, it is impossible to tear down everything … Continue reading

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